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  1. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004
    bagglad thinks hes nicer then chase, PLEASE, gimme a break,
    u envy the great ive let off my semi in plenty of states,
    im not concerned about a loser on the computer,
    fuck around ill use a millitary tactic manuever to remove ya user,
    now u can no longer log on to rapmusic,
    ill put holes in ya black buick when i clap thru it itll sound like a beat for rap music,
    i mean,i clapped ya cap to it OMG u couldnt have been THAT STUPID,
    u survived the shot an snitched me out an thats EXACTLY how rats do it,
    fuckin bum ass get over ya self son,
    picture lil baglad holdin a pistol bitch nigga couldnt even spell gun,
    imma about to expose this cat for who he really is,
    my raps is somethin like what biggie did with a twist of billy the kid,
    if i see your mother, imma give her the dick,
    hit it an an dip she found me now i cant get rid of the BITCH,
    oh what can i say im a pimp gotta flip my collar,
    i fucked her, told that chic to hollar an threw that bitch a dollar,
    my raps is a hobby an im back in the lobby with tracks thats karate,
    front on chase the doctors gonna have to putcha ya body parts back in ya body,
    beware cuz when the drama spark ya itll have u an ya momma caught up,
    treat ya like indian warriror an tomahawk ya,
    u lack knowledge as far as the game goes,
    he hang out with lame hoes thats nasty dont even wash up an change clothes,
    an one of em got a strange nose an it completely left my brain froze,
    the other ones dumb as a brick still thinkin theres gold at the end of rainbows,
    so fuck u an ya dumb heffer i already put dick in her cum catcher,
    ill sell that ho cheap like indians when they sold manhattan for 1 feather,
    now come get her,she needs u,
    peep dude,better grab her before she gets the urge for chase like a sweet tooth,
  2. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004
    ha ha ha haaaaaa

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