CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: 1. Doyen 97-19 vs. 2. MISSKEYdaQUEEN 11-6

Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by MC4SiGHT, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    4 lines NO-SHOW
    12 lines MINIMUM
    48 lines MAXIMUM


    Friday 10:00pm PST/1:00am EST

    Sunday 10:00pm PST/1:00am EST

    Topics will be provided at the beginning of the week so that everyone has ample time to get involved.

    You must vote on 4 matches and post URL's on your thread of matches u voted for.

    -You must use the HIDDEN VOTES UBB CODE to conceal your votes. Votes must be hidden! To hide a vote, first thing you type in your reply is a bracket “[“, the word “hide” and end bracket “]”. The last thing you type in your reply is a bracket “[“, a backslash “/”, the word “hide” and end bracket “]”. Unhidden votes will not count.

    - No HIDDEN CODES? - That vote DOES NOT COUNT - You must vote on another match and use HIDDEN CODES!

    -FORMER CHAMPS are allowed to vote for any match (but only 3 matches max).

    -Crew Votes are illegal.

    -1 vote is taken away for each vote you fail to do.

    -1 vote is taken away for each URL you fail to post on your thread.

    -No Show Winners must vote also! - Your thread will be kept open to post URL's.

    -Tiebreakers will be determined by the Moderators when the week winds down.

    If your opponent NO-SHOWS, and you posted a full verse you will be bumped up appropriately to face the next person in the brackets within your range. If no opponent is available such as if you were in the bottom 20 and the next up no show is in the top 10 then you will be given a win for your efforts. You must still vote on 5 matches accordingly as any failure to vote will result in no win and no progress in the ranks. The only event other than this in which you may take the no show win is if you only did post a no-show verse which consists of 4 rhyming lines.

  2. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001

    a tainted image of the future smeared by the mark of a pen
    the cancer to man evolves, yet...we all start to descend
    the sharper the scent the stronger the beat in the heart of a sin
    utopia's blood much pain....the harmony ends
    potrayed by the scars on my skin, masked by the clothes on my back
    i've had conversations with god, but at times over-react
    shadows of doubt pulling my hair, scared, i go in the black
    dark tunnel throughout my brain that i think my soul has been at
    an uncontrollable stack of focus i lack in life develops
    a phychodelic ceptic tank of skepticism quite impressive
    to the naked eye a baby's cry could ignite your sight but tell us
    how do we fight with jealous woes, who knows, we're sacraficed as relics
    is the wrath of christ so zealous? to excel the fate we dont believe in
    or is the charm of satin making us sign away with no agreement
    sending our souls to the good will, we WOULD KILL to be sold to demons
    claim we live in a nightmare, but when we die we hope we're dreaming
    there's no bereavement...
    just a corpse of course the core to a mournings mourn
    which forms a coroners report, more than any morgue supports
    a smorgest borg of abnormal gore, abortions or a skorned rapport
    i've toured the storm in gods brain and washed up on the northern shore
    i sure...the path to hell has been active frequently
    and if you know the mark of the beast then it's easy to crack the frequency
    see when i pray i ask for peace to be giving to all men
    then im sent through a strong wind, god's strength, it grabs a piece of me
    an act of decency, i fall asleep to just awake immersed
    my face it hurts, the plug is pulled.... i fall as i bathe in dirt
    is this my grave or worse, i stand a man but in my baby shirt
    was i saved from earth, it seems like everything i prayed reversed
    i gaze the turf, and see the many pod's of humans being bred
    the IV of questions fill my veins and send confusion to my head
    millions of em is this merely an illusion to the dead
    i must be dreaming, see soon i'll be inside my room and in the bed
    in conclusion see i've bled my eyes hurt cuse i've never used em
    i've circled through them, many clues but i virtually miscontrue them
    i start to see again, i begin to feel the certainty of this new glimpse
    of reality then it hits me the purpose of this conclusion
    im nervous but then it zooms in, my memory gives a new thrill
    a lost illusion is found with a lie because i sense the truth kills
    the proof spills i see a man he extends his hand and gives a few quills
    then he opens up telling me to choose the blue or red pill

  3. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    hmmm MISSKEYdaQUEEN no shows.
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