Championship Match: 1. Cane 10-0 v. 2. Tri Optix 11-4

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by eye of the tiger, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. ST_UC

    ST_UC Please Try Me

    Dec 5, 2000
    Namix drops votes like that in every battle

    Even the bible says Cane is NOT Abel..fuck..I know..aight, look
    If you really hate played-out Cane lines, stay away from his rhymebook
    --namix said u shouldve flipped the cane and abel line a little better.... but no... since it was "SUSPOSED" to be a "played out cane line"... it was the perfect setup ... but i dont think the punch is that great ... wasnt bad either

    Get your arms and knees torn, your face will be horribly deformed
    Only reason I havent killed ya, is because you kept my seat warm
    -- i wish u would keep all of your lines this length... i havent seen this punch yet... so i liked it

    Come on man, the only fans you got is in your XBox controllers..
    Your punches suck enough, and the fad of puttin links in your lines is over
    -- ahhh... yeah i dont like this one too much

    And youre about to find out..why Im the fan favoriate, it aint hard to tell..
    Only upset youre pullin this week,
    is that you lied and told us you were gonna sign out the RBL
    -- haha this was nice... but like namix said.. even with the "third bar" being short... it still doesnt flow right .. first bar was 19 syl... the second and third were 26 ... but nice punch

    We know I parked you youre only getting re-served, now listen
    Last time you took a Tri-Out, the cast of Queer as Folk were holding auditions
    -- ahaha ... this punch was sweet .. i wish u wouldve used some multis

    Id rape you..but I wouldnt want your man Nebs to get jealous,you soft fags
    We all know that you 2 stick together like the pages in your gay porn mags
    -- haha... this was a little bti funny ... but damn your bar length and lack of multis are killing me

    Go ahead, put this in your little section of the mag and vent your dry concepts
    But the truth is that the RBL wont vote for Cane..they'll vote AGAINST Tri Optix
    -- i didnt know you were that hated... but if u are... i guess thatll be a good punch... kinda makes cane look like he aint shit... the voters are here just to vote agaisnt you.. whos cane?
    Give it've had it, dont make have to rip this clown
    They'll say Cane went out off the wall..cuz RM's finally taking your picture down..
    -- i dont like this closer at all... it was an alright punch... but u need better than an alright punch for a cvhamp match closer ... i think ive seen u come better in previous matches tri...them long bars really take away from your punches... iuts a lot harder to fit punches into smaller bars... but thats what makes them better... anyway... next


    nice quote, ya fuckin bitch, i gotta grace this kid with lead
    if you wanna give the voters what they want, replace yourself with Nebs
    -- this was good ... to bad that match never happened... because i did want to see it

    Tri thinks he's beautiful, and if he's not lyin since he's older
    beauty is like my fist..cause both are in the eye of the beholder
    -- nice 6 syl multi ... nice punch...

    i never play off a verse, but Tri has it comin and he doesn't even know it
    cause the fuckin guy's makin excuses for losin..before i even posted!?!?!
    -- haha... nice play off his verse... makes it personal... good one

    and jesus christ, stop actin ghetto ya w.igger, you aint fuckin black
    this pussy bitch's never seen a real block like Arizona running backs
    -- this one was so-so ... i didnt like ti too much... it still didnt bring down the tempo of your verse tho

    phony personals and stale comedy, as weak as your last punch
    dude, how the FUCK you gonna pretend i didn't shut you out last month?
    --i liked the first line and the second one .. "as weak as your last punch" was sweet

    Tri could get off on murder without Cochran..
    and what i said means..
    that this sick faggot sits and jacks off to death scenes
    -- whoa... never heard anything like this before... good one

    i'll hurt ya feelings kid, cause i'm not out to please queers
    son, how the FUCK are you gonna sit on the newbie side for 3 YEARS?!
    -- hmmm this was aight... good personal ... the 2nd line was worded perfect... in a question

    i'll end this battle with a quote Sequel gave me
    and cause i'm honest
    i'll tell ya why he asked me back.."To Save The RBL From Tri Optix"
    -- i dont like this closer too much either... oh well

    VOTE = Cane

    better multis, better punches ... flow was lacking from both... but tris second half of his verse was just too long for me... makes the verse lose tempo... it makes it so it isnt punch after punch... its like punch.. read. punch ... i dont like it...
  2. Fahren

    Fahren New Member

    Feb 23, 2004
    cane won this one in my eyes, just overall better in every department
  3. Richard Corey

    Richard Corey battle like a savage

    Sep 26, 2001
    eh...I'm going against the grain here and going with Tri. I mean, I don't think this is as much of a blow out as people are saying...CAne was nice, but you can tell he rushed it, I mean he had two "How in the FUCK" concept punches... and they weren't really that hard to me...

    Tri, although I don't always like his flow, came with some nice stuff. The "Tri-Out" line...the "stick together" line...and although name flips on Cane are played (like Richard/Dick plays are overused with me) I still dug that opener...

    Cane just seemed like he fizzled out in the beef with the status quo, just have to stay real with what I feel..

    vote: Tri
  4. ill nik-A

    ill nik-A Dirty Sanchez!!

    Feb 22, 2002
    Tri had a good attempt here...
    beginning was solid, the underline fad was funny, the lie/ sign out line couldve been a killer but i didnt like the way u flipped it, didnt connect, then the verse fell off towards the end, u can also eliminate unnecessary words for better flow

    Cane just had the more direct attacks, opener, RB, & excuses punches did it for me

  5. poeticSCRIPT

    poeticSCRIPT 7-0, Contendership

    Aug 18, 2003
    v/ Cane

    ...but not by much

    Tri Optix: I was liking the verse, straight up. Some real nice punches in there, I like the upset and the links in your verse lines. Those hit hard in my eyes. Flow could've been better, but overall a real solid verse.

    Cane: always bringin' fire man. I mean Tri came nice and all, but he couldn't match up with Cane, im pretty sure this was known already and eventhough Tri came hot this week, Cane still managed to bring the flames and pull off the W in this one.

    Real nice battle though
  6. Sur*5*ILL

    Sur*5*ILL Kangs

    Jul 16, 2001
    Omg Lmao!!!

    That Running Back Line Was The Shit
  7. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
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