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    Casanova's a man who loves women. He mostly likes a variety of women and many women. At the same time he's a real gentleman, appreciates women, respects them and indulges them. He's able to make them happy, although he makes no long-term promises. He's offering women sexual and emotional pleasure and not a false perspective.

    In the eyes of the female he's viewed as a dessert. Perfect in adequate quantities. With this dessert, life is more beautiful and interesting, exciting, in short ~ sweeter.

    Few men today deserve this kind of label. Even the best seducers and lovers are caught up in a floating world of delaying, postponing and renouncing. Even men who are aware of this, are superficial and incomplete. Even with the education of young boys who grow into men, there's a trail of missing aristocratic virtues, and especially the gentleman part mixed with an ounce of chivalry.

    We are becoming a fast, technologically advanced, but impersonal, superficial and cold society. Hence the alienation and loneliness of modern women.

    Real men, if being dumped by a woman, won't feel any kind of hurt. They understand that they basically like a very rare and special type of woman, and don't expect that they'll be considered pleasing to all. The biggest seducers get dumped the most. Being dumped for them is a challenge, an incentive, something that is part of the game ~ exciting and infinite.

    If there was an universal prescription, then everything would be different, mais non? Things are very individually determined. For the same declaration by which a man is able to draw a smile on the lips of a woman, someone else would get slapped. It would be possible to write novels about this topic, although I doubt it would help.

    Be who you are.

    :idk: for some reason I felt like adding this song to the mix...:scared:
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