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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Syke_W, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Syke_W

    Syke_W weed is all me need

    Aug 25, 2000
    Bout cars, systems, engines wateva car related
  2. sfsportsfan

    sfsportsfan New Member

    Apr 16, 2008
    i pull up with my el camino smoke comin out the hood
    only reason i keep this pile is cuz in the summer time its good
    to take bitches in the back and fuck their brains out
    thats just where i turned rosie o'donnel out
    took my cousin in my mini van and gave it to her hard
    i had that bitch droolin, an its not cuz shes a retard
    well it mostly is but thats all good with me
    i took my 9 year old brothers girlfriend behind the swings
    sold her weed and fucked her in her dads 300 C
    i need to go clean out my Civic
    cuz thats where i fucked Richard B. Riddick
  3. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    car cypher, see me in the back of an excursion/
    no, not the big one, my own personal version/
    own personal version?, yep, like i pimped it out/
    or tricked it out, like the fast and the furious/
    with cars fast and luxorious/
    like a audi or a Passat, convertible drop/
    in the back, of a caddilac wit a sunroof top/
    rims an tires, spinner's still spinnin' on tires,/
    till that expires, or until the wind passes or tires/
    speedy like drivers, driving around town/
    parking in spots, reserved tenant's, dis car got a hot finish/
    the grill got a hot dentist, so watch out for the speed limits/
  4. Justify

    Justify Lyrical Maddness

    May 3, 2008
    every car i own is a peice of shit,
    the seats are crooked, I get no cheeks in it,
    im fuckin sick of bein featured in
    a yellow ford tempo and all it dose is leak

    everytime I get into my ride it fuckin shakes,
    fuck a stop sign couse i aint got any fuckin breaks,
    my shits rustin and my windsheild is missin,
    exaust is smokin and my transmistion is slippin,
    im gettin pissed at this, so i park it and leave the keys in it,
    but aint nobody wanna want it, it was even runnin in the scene public,
    im bout to kill it, stranded on the side of the road,
    ima smoke ciggarettes at the gas pump and hope to explode it,
  5. harsh_times86

    harsh_times86 Maserito

    May 5, 2008
    sitting in the smoke ride with my peeps...

    i'm living the dream, youngins tyring to get with my team/
    got a lot of pull around my way, gettin with fiends/
    stay on the scene, older chicks know that im clean/
    wont give em a dime but spend about 100 on jeans/

    loving em up, used to have to piss in a cup/
    now i piss in the street sober as fuck.. motherfuckas/
    if you help a boy once then your letting him in/
    cuz if he comes back for more then your both gonna win/

    get weight off my chest, up in erie who do it the best?/
    rule 2, you should never bring a snake to the nest/
    with paper arrangements, changes in the business relations/
    aint uncommon, any day crew could turn into strangers/

    part three, never let him hold more then he need/
    find a good book and learn how to read/
    if hes frail he'll drop signs to let u know that hes slippin/
    build trust and always know what hes thinkin/
  6. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Fuck here I go
  7. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    I don't own a car I refuse to
    I'll simply jack you cause Im used to
    Then kidnap ya with ya dudes too
    Fuck all ya niqqaz feelin' good too
    I feel like shit tonight and so will you too
    Film the whole shit, upload it to youtube
  8. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    say hello, i put a fresh piece a metal on the road,
    pedal to the floor , im that fello to the whores,
    tv's fold out, feel the treble on the boards,
    initials in the doors its official got the hard
    wood nba wanna ball on ya boy!
    Cause im holding stacks brody backs
    chrome rollin 24's charles woodson
    sittin on cornerbacks
  9. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    say hello, i put a fresh piece a metal on the road,
    pedal to the floor , im that fello to the whores,
    tv's fold out, feel the treble on the boards,
    initials in the doors its official got the hard
    wood nba wanna ball on ya boy!
    Cause im holding stacks brody backs
    chrome rollin 24's charles woodson
    sittin on cornerbacks
  10. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    or on dubs, with the candy color/
    or another, long as it's shinin' bright, it don't matter the color/
    how bout, money green?, like it's a green machine/
    in the window, i'll prolly put a logo, of my favorite football team/
    so it'll look clean, from the inside out/
    6 or 8 cylinder, engine, pumpin in and out/
  11. jpizzle19

    jpizzle19 I got NEXT

    Sep 11, 2004
    rollin up wit my kinfolk on corners we bend slow
    inside filled wit thick smoke hold up crack da window
    whole block smell the endo
    caprice boxed up like nintendo
    slidin on duece fours look in the air u see me 2 doors
    yup lamboed out in my green monster she's ramboed out
    so so sick reppin the south
    its a bad mutha shut you mouth
    donk sittin on the street shovin crushin concrete
    pop da trunk speakers errywhere systems com plete
    an addictive habit that is not cheap
    touch my wip i spill brains stop.. sleep
  12. "Orah"

    "Orah" Let me shed light on ya

    May 27, 2008
    Yawns madd bored...

    fresh scent, lavish interior, clean wheels
    speakers thumpin,engine purring
    the scenes ill
    idolized by youngins, sayin dat dere is mines
    mirror tint, tagged plates read
    max wit the kit on it
    and if it aint turtle wax, it wont get on it
    groupies flockin, coppa's clockin
    stroll by the courts they stop the game
    they watching
    hardly driven just on the weekends chill
    weekdays grindin pushed a black bonneville
  13. -Alk-

    -Alk- AlkatraZ

    Mar 8, 2005
    my truck's not a ram or a ford ranger
    it's a japanese-made nissan, just a four banger
    im on doc, so i cant pull the heat
    so i just ride by sittin on corolla seats

    dont have tickets, so my insurance cheap
    gas is an arm and a leg, to touch my tank you gonna have to murder me
    if you hit me, learn to see, and hope you have an injury
    cause when i get in the ride, and leave the scene youll have it in for me

    a minute later, paramedics and cops arrive,
    barely missin' me, so i mob up a side street and pull off the side
  14. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008

    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Celebri-ty pop star, hoodstar, what it' do! (What it do bitch!)
    Obama Killa, Bush's niqqaz yeah we'll slaughter you
    With ya mommas, baby mommas n ya daughters, too (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    Yeah its raw boy, so uncut boy how ya love it?
    Joyful being on top, boy? 'Star uh shoot ya the fuck up OFF IT!
    (FUCK BOY!) we V.I.P, on some nose candy shit
    We so family with Lindsay Lohan on that T.I.P (*SNIFF*)
    Clubbin', Ibiza, Berlin, we livin' the life, rich n famous
    We at Studio 54, pourin' bricks on tables
    No straws, only hundred dollar bills, we on some A grade shit (*SNIFF*)
    Smilez & Southstar get the parties poppin'
    Chargin' 50 G's each just to show up on some hip hop shit
    Hit the airport, tourin' in every state, circlin' the globe
    Raw fuckin' groupies, we stay reimbursin' on our jobs (ZHOOOOO!)
    So keep hatin' on a couple a young niqqaz from the O
    Who did make it... fuck ya punk niqqaz who stay broke.... (HAHAHAH!)

    Word on the street is ya niqqaz stay missin'.... I mean where y'all at?
    Raisin' goats in Wisconsin, niqqa get the fuck out my face!

    I mean I don't wanna disrespect our fanbase out there but forreal y'all not touchin' us, we be at the 2 million dollar studio high off the purest....

    Y'all stay at ya momma's porch burnin' that cheap dirt grass they sold u for weed.... Keep savin' yo pennys niqqa maybe some day you'll afford a nice shirt or sumthin bitches,ZHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  15. prophetional

    prophetional hokey muh-fuckin' pokey

    Jan 24, 2002
    the flow smooth dope ride, '93 mark 8
    superchip-kooks headers-cobra rotors and brakes.
    supercharger cost a couple grand plus cold intake
    custom made, with a sound that make the neighborhood shake
    BOOM BOOM's all you hear then see me smooth as a snake
    roll through mirror tinted, fine tuned for the sake
    of what what i do, custom paint, sports suspension and weight
    11.7's what it ran, and for the make it was great
    11.7 tires peeling out, all gas and no brake
    with 20/20 in my system, either orange or grape
    right through the 7-11 window upstate real late...
    i know i never shoulda drove that night but man she was great
    so now i'm ridin' on my diamondback to make it a date.
  16. MC-Panther

    MC-Panther New Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    i bought a car,
    i drove really far,
    over all the tar,
    mom says that i'm a star
    yo my car is real,
    it's got a wind shield,
    it's even got a mirror on the side,
    and some wheels.

  17. Da Shorty Man

    Da Shorty Man Tha ILL AUTHeNTIC

    Sep 5, 1999
    first off, SOUFSTAR shut ya lil weak ass up
    you ponk faggat ass fukk bua
    show you how tha fukk a trill down souf nigguh keep it - hoe

    bitsch i, roll wit tha swag, roll wit tha mag
    southern hustlin muthafukka holdin pockets swole wit tha cash
    on smash
    mashin wit tha 'lil thowed' wit tha ass
    sidewayz sittin, drippin wit tha glow in tha dash
    git ta where im goin crawlin slow when i pass
    side ta side, lane ta lane mayne, show'in my ass
    mug lookin mean but, im feelin kinda good playaaa
    i know you see me, floss hand on tha wood playaaa
    thas how we do it in tha land of tippaz
    slab look like strippaz, no top wit glaaass slippaz
    it dont mattah, 84'z or spinnaz
    jus be about ya binezz mayne, hundred percentaz
    buaz showin off, showin out in this great state
    maaayne!! we fitna break these nigguhz off and i caint wait !!
    lookin brand new, actin a damn fooo
    fa damn sho, givin mo than hoez can handle
    fly when i ride
    high when i ride
    hoez lookin at me when tha caa'ride'byyy
    playa stayin fresh'n'clean, gotta get'tha'green
    when i floss dont fa' get tha leeaan
    shiny and new when i hit tha scene
    mayne, too real, but is this a dreaam
    i know ya see me, wrist glis'te'niiing
    but is you hardheaded muthafukkaz lis'te'niiing, (huuuuh!!)
    pop trunk so i know ya feel, im so fa real
    now you nigguhz know tha deeal
    and i flow wit skill
    and if ya really still wanna hate i got tha pi'stol'concealed
    you can git it if you want it but im really jus here ta break'em off
    and represent tha souf
    and make sho you hatin muthafukkaz who aint knowin
    undastand whut tha fukk iz we tal'kin about

    this iz how we riiiide ... .. .
  18. B.U.Wulvz

    B.U.Wulvz Full moon swagga..

    Jun 20, 2008
    Ayo i'm sitting in this six-four/whip skating down roads
    lamborghini doors/sitting low windows tinted up
    twenty three's for shoes/sitting on vogue's
    beats banging heavy,gripping wood,big boy chevy's
    pumping my brakes at the red light,this bitch sitting dame right
    wheels keep spinning/shit blinging off the streets lights
    flip flop paint wet looking like it rain on it
    ol' school buckett seats looking like she came on it
    tatted name cross the head rest and dash
    got me sitting in this bitch krunk gone on gas
    the inside looking like a disco sence
    Full moon swagg puff,pass and lean
    daul exhust pipes,mean head lights
    dame a nigga sitting right..right!
  19. guywithanaxe

    guywithanaxe fuck off

    May 21, 2009
    look at these weak ass raps, that's why nobody heard of you...
    ya'll get too busy frontin bout cars for anyone to murder you
    see these fools thinks it's dope to front n rap about dumb shit
    but you ask 9 outta 10, they'd rather hear u on some thug shit
    some of these fools got 20 bars, and ain't said shit for certain
    but real artists speak less and keep the listeners heads workin

    fuck cars.
  20. Objective

    Objective New Member

    Sep 4, 2009
    My car is like an Decepticon machinery, its obscene to me
    to see the scenery of technologic development so peacefully.
    But when i depart the thing, it starts to sing a violent melody,
    The Mustang breaks silence like Dame Joan from the balcony.
    The driver is a sharpshooter takin' the bullet to its destination,
    Speed is just an tool for validation.... You want it to go faster
    This thing might be an disaster if your not able to master.. But
    Its the problem of yours, a crash occurs and gives me pole position,
    Catch the drift?.... Its bout the true essence of recognition.
    I always get away, fuck cops, fines, lives and silly debates,
    I got three licence plates registered in three states.
    The art of decieving mixed with car parts creates a wonderful feeling,
    Kind of revealing a dark heart in bloom a powerful evening.​
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