Capslock Collective - Meet The Crew (Music Video; Canberra, Australia)

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    May 19, 2006
    I present to you our first ever Capslock Collective music video!

    Capslock Collective is a collaborative project between five hip hop acts from Canberra, Australia: Coda Conduct, Context, Semantix, Stateovmind and Nix. Each of these artists has a unique sound yet they all share the same passion for building their local hip hop community and raising Canberra's standing on a national scale.

    Shout outs to the homie Tycotic for putting the video together and for always coming through with the goods. Please check out the clip below and 'Meet The Crew'! Any comments and feedback are welcome! Please share it around if you are diggin' it!

    Vocals (in order) by: Stateovmind, Nix, Context, Sally (of Coda Conduct), Erica (of Coda Conduct), APlus (of Semantix) & Mattrix (of Semantix)
    Instrumental produced by: Hayds at Smith Grind Entertainment (
    Cuts by: DJ Krumb & DJ Danggers (of Semantix)
    Drums by: Obsene (of Semantix)
    Mixed and Mastered by: Ben Kramp at Earthshake Audio (
    Video shot and edited by: Tycotic at Indigo Embassy Videos (

    Capslock Collective

    Coda Conduct





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