Cant Stop These Freestyles

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. dsp2k5

    dsp2k5 Dime Sack Pimp

    Sep 7, 2005
    I been away for awhile ... I gotta show yall i still got it ... yall know me lol
    Nah I been a bit rusty, so Im just working out the kinks. Critism welcome. Anyone wanting to collab get at me. Im always down.

    Can't stop these freestyles, please, somebody help
    I can't stop myself, prolly annoyin' yall to death
    It might be these Vicodins i just grabbed off my shelf
    Yes, the doctor told me to watch my health
    But let me drop the rest. Im sittin here, knees twitchin'
    Do you think these Vicodins are why I keep itchin?
    Its only logical, but I'm not Captain Spoc
    Not into Star Trek, I'd rather be jacking off
    Weed giving me the munchies, I wish I had some Wok
    Forgot the combination to my vault, and I cant crack the lock
    So I guess I'll have to starve, hear my stomach?
    Fuck it, grab another pill, and crush it
    Smush it to powder and get a straw to snort it up with
    Thats it for now, Time to go get slugish from thugish rubish..
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