Cannabis Pizza Mystery: 2 reports

Discussion in '420Lounge' started by Xion Mythos, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Xion Mythos

    Xion Mythos XzeroCopy

    May 2, 2004
    A British family discovered a new herb on their chicken and pepperoni pizza last week.

    According to the report from ic, police tested the black substance found on the pizza, and discovered it was cannabis. The owner of Bombay Tandoori, a delivery and takeout operation, claimed no involvement with the presence of the drug. They said the pizza was most likely contaminated by someone after the pie left the store.

    Two teenagers eating the pizza said they began to feel sick after eating half the pie. The incident is still under investigation.

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    ic Lanarkshire | 05-06-2004

    POLICE were this week investigating how a chicken and pepperoni pizza ordered from a Hamilton takeaway came to be sprinkled with a substance thought to be CANNABIS.

    The McArdle family last week ordered the pizza from the Bombay Tandoori at 255 Glasgow Road, Burnbank, and became suious of a black substance that had been scattered on top.

    The takeaway, however, denied that the suspected presence of the drug had anything to do with them, saying that someone may have contaminated the food after it left the shop.

    The pizza was delivered to the McArdles' home at 68 Comely Bank, Hillhouse, last Tuesday evening. Stephanie McArdle (16) and her boyfriend Daniel Towden (16) began to feel slightly sick after eating around half of it.

    The family - who had been regular clients of the takeaway tandoori - contacted the shop, and then the police, after they became suious of 'herbs' sprinkled on top. Initial tests that were carried out at Hamilton Police Office detected the presence of cannabis.

    Stephanie's father Steven McArdle said: "The pizza arrived quite soon after we ordered it.

    "Daniel was suious of the black stuff that was on it. At that stage he was the only one of us who had any idea of what it might be.

    [zombienote: The plot thickens...]

    "He phoned the Bombay Tandoori and complained, and they said they would send another. But I wasn't happy about it so I went to see them face to face. I wasn't very pleased with their reaction in the shop.

    "While I'd been at the shop, another pizza had been delivered to the house.

    "We phoned the police and they came out to the house. We showed them the difference between the two pizzas."

    The police arrived at about 9pm and took away a sample of the pizza. After the testing kit gave a positive result, the sample was sent to Glasgow where it is undergoing further analysis in the laboratory.

    Mr McArdle said: "I get pizzas from Bombay Tandoori all the time, but I wouldn't go there again.

    "Stephanie wasn't feeling too well. She and her boyfriend were feeling a bit sick - and it's no wonder. They ate nearly half of it between the two of them.

    "I don't know why anyone would do a thing like that."

    The owner of the takeaway business, Riaz Hussain, was unavailable for comment owing to a death in the family.

    However, family member Nasim Hussain told the Advertiser there had been nothing wrong with the pizza when it left their premises.

    Mrs Hussain said: "No proprietor would ever want to do something like this, to jeopardise their own business. That's our livelihood.

    "It has to be a third party that has done this. It could have happened to any shop if someone wanted to play a joke or bear a grudge. If it is someone's idea of a joke, it is disgraceful.

    "We are being made to feel like criminals when we have done nothing wrong.

    "We're going through the process of making our own enquiries. We couldn't just sit here and do nothing.

    "We have a lot of satisfied customers and we have never had anything like this happen before.

    "Our regular customers know what our food is like and what we do."

    The Bombay Tandoori has been providing takeaway meals for nearly five years.

    Police are continuing enquiries into the chain of events that could have led to the pizza becoming contaminated.

    [zombienote: I think Daniel did it. Stoned teen plays dumb, gets family stoned AND a free pizza. Pretty slick.
  2. V E R B

    V E R B Guest

    this was kinda funny...
  3. Xion Mythos

    Xion Mythos XzeroCopy

    May 2, 2004
    V E R B would you ever try canabis on your pizza?

    i prolly would, most def. if i was high when i had the pizza, lol.
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