Calzaghe vs Bayer?

Discussion in 'Sports Central' started by Syza Koza, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Dec 16, 2004
    Possible unification. Could be a good move, before moving up to light heavy i think.. getting the further unification, against another high quality opponent.

    14.03.06 - World champion Markus Beyer got an offer for a bout vs. Joe Calzaghe. Beyer is holding the Supermiddleweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Calzaghe won in March, 2006 the unification bout against Jeff Lacy and is now the world champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO). His manager Frank Warren made an offer concerning a bout of the two world champions. “We are interested in a bout and are pleased that the English do, too.” stated the manager of Beyer, Wilfried Sauerland. “But the current offer is not acceptable for us – it is financially unsatisfactory and in addition the suggested date crosses the FIFA-World Cup in Germany. But we keep negotiating and would like to make this attractive bout happen in September or October 2006.”

    The last time Markus Beyer defended his title, he fought against the Italian Alberto Colajanni in January 2006 and won with a Knock-out in round 12. Beforehand he beat the internationally highly recognised Omar Sheika (USA) on points.

    Joe Calzaghe on the other hand won all of his 41 professional bouts (31 K.o.`s) and was boxing in may 2005 the last time in Germany against the Universum Boxer Mario Veit, who was knocked out in round 6.

    Beyer will firstly defend his title on the 13th of May in Zwickau, Germany. In autumn the bout against Calzaghe could possibly follow. “Of course such unification bouts are very appealing for the audience and it is my intention, too”, said Beyer. “A bout against Calzaghe and a bout for three world championship belts is definitely a big sportive challenge.”
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