~~~calico vs. babechris~~~ ROUND 1

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by babechris, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. babechris

    babechris New Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    10-20 lines
    first to 5
    3-0 = KO
    lets have a clean fight here
    no hitting below the belt
  2. babechris

    babechris New Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    whats really good fam?
    yo, i knew this kat from way back, so lemmie take it way back,
    calico, just lay back, underneath a mayback, cauz youll be pushin daisies,
    comin on ya way back,

    so hows babechris really gonna diss fam, since lil kids we been through the struggle,
    alls im seyin is if your really black man.... how come you cant even do the hustle?, (referring to the dance from back in the day)
    let alone dance with the likes of me, knuckle up... really wanna fight wit me?,
    its like chris will be... victoriously... flowin.... euphoriously
    punchin ya lights out easier than lighting a christmas tree...
    breathin then beat you, cali aint got game, his rythm is see through,
    i am way illa, "similar to the thrilla in manilla"... NAH this the sequel,
    comin at you, not muhamad ali, skate on ya face, pop shove it to an-ollie,
    droppin ya body, fuck you up "twice in a lifetime" like you was listenin to mos def n kweli,
    yo im typin a script...
    right hooks and sidekicks, you needa bite ya lips... before messin with me,
    i reckon you see, you steppin to me... the B- A- B- E leave you missin ya teeth,
    seriously, but i aint no serious jones,
    ima jack ya face up so badd ya ears be hearin ya nose,
    FUCK a Ca li co, ima bury you homes, underneath my barrio,
    cauz im the manny pacquiao and your the oscar larios,
    but there aint no 12th round, you goin down... like the concept of gravity,
    i dont smoke herbs, but when i do i burn em like one calorie,
    now this been the epic, page one in a new chapter,
    you are not a rapper, just another wack head turned actor,
    and this wasnt a battle, more like "babechris raping the noobie",
    dont even try,
    cauz you bein successfull, is like, Clay Akon makin a movie...

    fuck dude sorry i went one bar over
    so lets make the rules change from 10-20 lines to 10 -22 lines aaight kooo
  3. Stan Killa

    Stan Killa New Member

    Jan 17, 2006
    cal got scared
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