buster bust one busting

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    Oct 25, 2002
    remove idea from i,
    cluster to crush what is muster a bunch of voice intuned deployed important destroy the room of move i must have idea to touch recognition of..

    die.. kill her i know put in mouth to blow off up..

    what is hush i clutch to find rain no rain in locate rain in i.. to stomp yard hard in crunch need lure for who are idea time of i in rain find item supply thrust none.. some what nope cup cannot got trouble flop tuck love done once lost lack luck what was what i i i i rainman superman shit i.. nup nappy yup lust on cough was what was it huh..

    it was incorrect in correct correct incorrect sport sporting chance in advance from last place to stance of enhanced on/off down want up now lost.. you you who yo yo the proof provide in through thorough proof of rain i move to cold too cold for now now now idea i idea meow sign in lower down up now..

    where oh where do i repair the exchange of step, to step 2 step steps i protect with respect in intent correct below the town of surroundings bomb y2k in sonnets love of y2tk i must locate all in blow bait in cypher away.......mm[​IMG]

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