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    Oct 25, 2002
    Built for speeD


    I merge as memory, locate me
    i am open..
    populate react,
    locate recognition self is incorrect,
    yet still populate your act,
    i am express approach (correct) for a fact,
    the item is item,
    and idea is lost in the tracks..

    i make pool from pool and cannot exchange
    i loose with withstand redo but i am built as if man rests same
    i blame to test strains/strands as ejections of explain
    reclaim item change and derail my own frame
    past blame beyond retaliation and repel
    a sell of retail retell yet relate to re-tale not in my excel
    i find to find not anymore once was once where
    were of i can react as assistance of cartoons & underwear unaware

    i spool & spread myself but only in missing, exam and insert
    i delete sherbet from navy, and peel chance of inert..
    i swerve to swear my life comes first
    it positions itself automatically at what can revert
    reverse or converse in communicate with words
    i practice in practice of attention to merge
    masked as balance, unbalance i curve
    populate pop as you late to yourself admit you have confirm such a curse
    i lack memory myself so i only label it as hurt
    i talk to talk yet walk as still
    i cannot build built but, i spill fillings at will as what is needed to shield my distilled

    idea it is time, yet only light locates my shine
    i shone so bright i bounce for future mine
    tonight to tonight, i dawn new life to death
    idea is unearthed only by my steps, etched as breath
    i bypass all existence with "key key" you nee snake
    for god sake make this mind state literal to self debate statements i procriate
    i find, i find idealization compares mind to mind not "item" supplied on debate
    under beneath the rubble of its expunge my own way
    way to west left past right on up from of off i still duplicate still your own way..

    yet all the space in the world could not be my recreate
    god not god i am centre
    i bent mentions and direct all leisure who enter my exit

    i can let loose or be lost, but i will probably loose
    a starting point intent of recognition populate
    as i push past all that is truth

    i find and item has weighed my atempt
    so i will pretend to extend what some may call vent, at your own extent
    condemned in express pretense as just a mere jest of defense with exempt

    all along Numbers add up and mash the lines cut from communicate of our approval
    of idea,
    no idea, in incorrect to locate renewal autopsy for review
    i am the
    all brand new call

    me at 000 000 0

    D e x;

    Thoughts race like comets bathed in hell’s fire
    Through dark expanding corners of space
    Above a Dorian Gray stilllife of mother earth
    Sweating lava from the mile long pores of her face
    Resistance is the warrior-romantic’s suicide
    And even if he wins - revolution devours its children
    Standing in the thermonuclear twilight of your Babel
    Collecting human shields for when the towers come spillin’
    A nightmare theater behind my eyelid curtains
    Memories attack the screen in bruised hues of black & pale blue
    Rapid eye movement Sherlock Holmes
    Plumbing bloody gravel of my subconscious trails for a clue
    Sweeping away loose earth to reveal the conveyor belt floor of eternity
    Its Horizon an ocean of light smashing finite eyes like porcelain figurines
    Extinguishing jagged flamecicles of pride and vengeance
    Poking in my stomach like the unsettled scores of murdered kings
    A cruel tranquility – comes and passes like a shrinking ozone
    Hollowpoint sun rays of apocalyptic mornings greet my tired eyes
    Find my bearings and rebaptize myself in the hatred
    That contaminates the bloodstream like a thousand spider bites​

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