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Discussion in 'Man Enough' started by ErikForeman, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. ErikForeman

    ErikForeman Yung Fred Flint

    Mar 25, 2009
    So let's get this shit tbh

    When I meet a girl I like, I tend to take notes of things that happen on the first day of meeting them. Maybe conversations.. or situations that arise, just remember something memorable.

    Women are much more observant than us bros are, so don't worry about what it is.. just suhtin

    Example: if this is a childhood girl whom you shared a P.E. class with, save those shorts bro.. they are gold

    Then you gotta wait at least a year. None of that 3 months shit.. preferred longer, even if you lose touch.. that's even better, as sad as that sounds tbh. Then if you come in contact with them again, BAM. Put them in a package and include a note saying something like "I kept meaning to throw these out, but couldnt because they reminded me of you..."

    Make her feel special. Fuck a reward, that should be enough of one if you're real in these streets. We do this

    In fact.. if you got something really old in your possession right now, connect it to a girl you knew around that time.. get back in contact with them/whether via social networking or in person, and make a girl's day imo (Doesn't matter if she's taken)

    On some

    Drop some other ideas, this aint about any pimp shit so leave that gabach at the door. You're on a forum, we aint buyin it.
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