Book of the Dead - Vol. 1

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  1. Alastair

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Ayo, check it

    Fuckin with the Bull ya get the Horns, screw what ya said
    Talking shit will turn you to the Devil.......Two in the head
    The Ruger spitting Lead big as Pencils....All utensils branded
    Ya can't cleanse the stranded, out of range, Sins expanded
    Book of the Dead, Chapters wrote for the Deceased Minded
    With no Eye for the Righteous.........Call me a Priest Blinded
    Take you to church, you'll revise ya faith in ya prayers
    If ya acting Civil.....I'll put you in a sad State of affairs
    A personal concern'll worsen when I turn up the pressure
    Leave the Game & have a better Return than Dev. Hester
    No confusion, let's keep it clear, the nine's blazin fast
    I'll keep it Crystal & put holes in ya face...Jason mask
    They ask why I'm rapping, and sell drugs from my short pockets
    I do it like Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammed.. Four Prophets
    See I live that Trap Life....Nigga I don't just talk brawn
    If ya think ya a God, I'll Warship the water you walk on
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