Blashphemy: Deth to gsus, the rematch

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by DethStryque, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Whassup Gsus. Nah, there's no voting in between rounds, because each round the leader or whatever can change. It's best to let heads get a look at the whole battle before they vote, even though they hopefully read each round and have a feeling as to who is doing what by following the RWZ Categories and the Voting Guideline. If they do that? They'll have a really thorough, knowledgeable, unslanted, quick, honest, fair and acceptable vote.

    Aight RD 3...the order is what? you me?

    Remember, you have the right to challenge any Cateogory of any vote. Remember, every vote has clearly defined categories that the voters can EASILY copy and paste and place their vote on. Easy easy money.

    Good luck.
  2. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    Im nice, steel ill enough to hospital u, but Im ho-spit-able,
    wont leave u to die...
    nurse u back to health, just to eat u alive...
    u young decipticon u,
    I gotta kill em before he reaches his Prime...
    each punch'll leave this "chump changed",
    my knuckles, nickels fistin his dime/

    Beat me, u talkin out ya ass, u small fart...
    u ala carte,
    Im Jaws, u blood in water when its like cellphones...
    thats how u call sharks...
    Im all heart, read ya d, then fold ya like Hallmark...
    get well soon, I brawl smart..
    plus i keep alot of squares in my circle, cuz we all spark/

    Bitches find u damn near sickening...
    teachin em karate is the only way u can kick it...
    got ya chick wit lock jaw, still tryin to find a way to pick it...
    she been suckin so long, thought I was siamese twins wit a midget...
    Just straight bang on'a, dial tone, when i get the digits...
    Fuck I gotta put it in subtitles or something...
    I said,
    I straight bang on ha, no dial tone, when i dig it/

    This not a marathon, punch bombs go off before lines even finish...
    wit this biscuit, no chicken, I Pop-eyes, til ya lines need spinach...
    dickhead, u aint hard, u just lyin to these women...
    this Dr. Suess meets Guiness...
    u wont need an Optician to tell u "I mean business"/

    Act hard, my aim'll release a cold shower...
    ya bitter, shoot ya in the mouth, get that tinglin in ya throat..
    thats how u smoke sour...
    for hours you'll be strapped ta chair, feelin Taken, yours-ours...
    let yo momentun build, then use it against u,
    thats how u kill a opponent wit mo power/

    Wit the ratchet, Ima sneakerhead at a campout,
    soon as the door of oppurtunity open, Im takin ya sole...
    I couldve referenced Shang Tsung takin ya soul...
    but thats what u wouldve said, Im breakin the mold/

    Watch me prank this customer,
    I put my mayonnaise all over ya Patty, Im Doug Funny...
    get mad, I aint throwin no punches when I say u can get slugged dummy..
    u scrub, bummy...
    choppa'll leave u ate up from the feet up, no Bugs Bunnies/

    Check yo pulse, ya heart racing, well Ima bring the finish line closer...
    see when I bring death to Deth, I aint introducing cultures...(grimreaper, hades, angel of death)
    my punchlines'll have em drinkin til he sober....
    alcohol and folgers...
    he'll be lookin up from defeat, thats the only way it'll be over/

    Think u can lower my G, and get a case in ya upper...
    I miss, shit, dont worry, my fist turn dick to this sucka...
    fist'n ya mother...
    few secs left til ya last breath,
    MJ, how I still get a shot in before the buzzer...
    then bring everything u dread hair(here),
    and let the clip remove the wig from this busta/

    This just the second round, I got the rest of the clip left,
    u workin wit a dilinger...
    Im talkin magazines, bananas,
    but I can pull out the drums, if u dont like the way Im peelin ya...
    heavens the upper room, my verse the gun...
    ya fate, fans the one ceilin ya...
    athritis, I'll cripple every hand life's been dealin ya/
  3. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    That was dope, son. Best verse from you...the very very best...I have ever read from you.

    Tomorrow I will have time to drop. It's gonna be crazy.
  4. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    Deth come out and plaaaayyyy
  5. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    How you call out my name when you know I'll maim ya text?
    When I produce heat, not even Bruce Lee survives the Game of Deth

    You SO pitiful! You meant "HOSPITABLE" you wrote "HO-spit-able" but that's okay.
    Cuz GSUS? Everything that ho spit is bull
    Plus ya flow kid is bull n so mimimal! A deaf/deth punch? That's so plain, foo!
    My creative power punches flash past your eyes flash pasteurize n match propane you
    Punches? I pitch the most Stryques n K's too! I'll Negro League Baseball Satchel Paige you!!
    My rap flow's made to Glasgow flame you Castro maim you expose ya soul n astral plane you
    I whooped you twice the Scriptures and with keyed scriptures so don't ask me who's bettuh
    Or I'll gitcha crew stretchuhs while my goons tunes make ya move tuh new grooves, Stella
    My brewed rude lectures hitcha like tools wetcha or knuckle up n I'll drop 101 dawgs on ya, Cruella
    My intelligent punches go over ya head n bring heat tuh ya chest like new sweaters
    My pen flow's fused packed with info you lack..newsletters... then Neutron Bomb you with bars...NU's letters [ NU=Periodic table sign for NUETRON ]
    Deth's spazzing spewed death dirge are like jazzy fugue vespers puttin foot tuh ya soul like snazzy new Sketchers
    The jabs he threw wrecks herbs n punches crown you like dazzling new scepters
    Boy I'll leg lock you like the wrassling dude Lesnar then put you in a choke n triple the leverage on it... that be cubed pressure
    I'll sweat you like used sweatshirts bang this kid like lewd Festers with two pen flexed Tek bursts cuz I'm The Lord of Hard Text
    You wanna box? I'll face stomp you! My bars uh box n space launch you; you're a BORG FROM STAR TREK
    My sword gores n tore apart chests! Deth spits flames that gitcha spleen cooked badly
    Run up n these mean hooks crack teeth! Plus when I'm aimin this Hawk bruh you know I'm raisin a monstuh...I'm Teen Wolf's Daddy
    I'll clap Macs that drop you for tryin tuh jump like two bum knees and a bad back
    I'll bring that BAD back...Michael Jackson revival action...psycho stabbing rhyme flow smashin rivals hacked n slashed n
    Spinals snapped n body parts packed in fractions in five old trash bins from ninefold the passion of a raging berserker Ogre's unbridled bashin

    You bout tuh be 0-2 vs Deth in raw scuffles my hits make ya call "Uncle" n jaw buckle
    Punches make the worst things happen at the worst times for you...I got Murphy's Law knuckles
    I'll make ya thirsty squaws suckle on my dick while my kick make ya jerk geek squad tumble
    Better strip or I'll klikk clips burst threes call gunsels n let that double barrel rod mumble
    Battle Deth after that last whoopin I gave you? You dumb! You and ya men are tards, creep!
    I spit scimitars tuh splitcha heart rip ya limbs apart lit a spark til ya men are charred creep!
    Spit flames til ya singed with bar heat n men are tarred, geek! You can't go with a flow this deep...
    I swim with sharks but you and ya minnows tart, creep!
    I'm a legendary beast! You beat me? I'll let that can pull n shout: " MAN, BULL" like Minotaurs...Crete!!
    Send those scars deep when I hitcha like a combo of Grendel n Darth heat n kill ya behind
    bars like prison hunters
    You've written punk words. It's no wonder my spittin's crunker splittin wigs asunder
    cuz when I BUST it's SHOCKING like JIZM THUNDER
    I'll rip ya bunk verse with psalms droppin bombs rippin bunkers if Gsus step tuh me
    My scheme's the Deth of G so eff ya G n I don't mean in effigy when my weaponry make this prick fall off like penis leprosy
    I'm flexin frees directin Hellboy like Guillermo del Toro when I punch ya face in n Temple of
    Doom you with puns amazin
    Or git you punks erased when I enter the room with guns ablazin so you can inherit Hell like the Sons of Satan
    What I'm writing smokes you plus my reciting lightning bolts you like the Tongue of Raiden
    I brung the eight n you better run I'm aimin before I put this gun tuh ya pate n knock ya lungs tuh Caymen
    What son? Ya bangin? This cold shotty roar gotcha whole body sore, like grips of burpees
    Gsus kain't serve me! I'm uh "win n take this ole trick out"..."Spinster Derbies"...cuz you ain't no beast pennin hot drops you're a cheap Gremlin knock off...tryck yer Firby!
    I get a swoll head cuz my bars eat everything. Prick I'm Kirby!!
    You got no punches boy ya wrists is girly ya hits is nerdy but my fists is burly with quick slick scripts
    sicc as Herpies spit from a lip equipped with endless scurvy!!
    Ya men is herbie! Plus when I hitcha girlie she caught a healthy Love dick is Herby!!
    Diss my martial arts again? I'll hitcha with so many fly kicks you'll think my ankles got wings...trick I'm Hermes!!
    Cuz the truth is Gsus? Ya rap spits duds, my rap spits SCUDS. My punches mess up ya brain like an acid buzz, shuts down thoughts like synaptic fuzz or you been slapped with snubs!!
    Cuz Deth's Stryques don't just rock ya world boy I'll eat it whole like Galactus does!!
    I could say: "I'll blaze any space I'm in with battle bars cuz I'm a avatar of Battlestars like Galac-ti-cus"
    But when you're a real rhymer with unmatched rap spits plus tactics trust you'll shellack his nuts
    N prove you're a leader and thinker beyond Gsus' ballads stuffed with average putz
    I feel a savage rush when my mandible busts canticles just tuh gitcha smashed n crushed! OD'd on my dopeness like a addict does
    I got harder bars than Attica's makin ya rapless chumps maggot lunch then smokes ya n throw ya ashes around the room like attic dust
    Gsus! You wakk kid, plus you're unimaginative! This bum I'm snappin his ribs when I dump n fly over oafs like pelicans
    I can tell...with him? I don't need tuh start shellin him I'll swell ya chin n spit flames that leave ya blacker than an overdose of melanin!!
    My colder quotes are fellin him! Look what this pen fued got him into!
    Cuz when Deth's knife Stryques I-N the middle of Gsus? He's Ginsus
    Step up ya brain game you missed the flame slang!
    Knife...I-N the middle of Gsus....spells out GINSUS! Shells spouts into ya brain cave, lame knave
    Gitcha frame glaived!! I'll chop ya head off and throw ya skull into the high tide...BRAIN WAVE
    I'm perfectly logical but spit insane rage that spins Gsus...carousels him...n flies Gsus...parasails him
    When my surface to surface missiles parabellum ya cerebellum
    I said I serve fists to serve fits, miss I'll parabellum ya cerebellum with a surfeit of served fists mixed styles that's pare n balin cerebellums
    My bars are so sharp they're used for bear impalin, yours are stupid enough to be a speech for Sarah Palin!
  6. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    2,183 ready for that round 3, now youre back to face your Deth again?

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