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  1. IvoryTheFam

    IvoryTheFam Member

    Jul 20, 2013

    'm like a {Cyclops}
    "Attacking its Opposition"
    Within the {Land of the Blind!}
    This {Site} lacks competition!"

    A {Nemesis} with all the {Tricks}
    I'm like an {Arch Magician}
    Who's {Resident Evil} been "Legal"
    I speak as "Politicians"

    This heart in my "Chess" ain't Impressed!
    I can't "Get into Checkers"

    We're here to battle!
    AND you worried bout "Attendance Records"

    I'm thinking who's "Necks"
    Like who's "Next" to be getting "Severed"
    While you worried bout who's been "A Head"
    Cus you been here "Forever"

    You don't want to get bodied
    That's why you "Use your Brains"


    If you hang around long enough
    The "Noose will Change"

    It's "Ivory" with these "Bars of Soap" against these "Dingy Roles"
    As {Dirty Shoes} I'm like a "Church to You!" I will {Cleanse your Soles}

    My {Sprint} alone will win this fast
    {90 Meter Dash}

    Against my {phone} you wouldn't last.
    You would "Speed & Crash"

    Behind these {bars} You know I'm {charged}
    With no "Freedom Pass"

    Because the "Case is Murder"
    That's where the "Reaper's Stashed"

    You "College Kids" can "Study Mummies"
    But you "Need your Dad"

    You Archeologists can't "Touch Me"
    When you "Feel These Wraps"
  2. Damaged Andy

    Damaged Andy New Member

    Jan 5, 2014
    The beat is dope. Though long, I enjoy the intro.The lyrics are pretty standard - nothing impressive that stands out to me, but the delivery is very cool and makes up for it. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. IvoryTheFam

    IvoryTheFam Member

    Jul 20, 2013
    I really appreciate the feedback! I didn't think I'd see any to be honest. I know how diluted rap has gotten. It's friendship not talent anymore however it's criticism like yours that I seek out to better improve my skills.. Thanks for the listen.
  4. rychro

    rychro New Member

    Jan 25, 2014
    hey i have question bout rap song maybe pimp c or bun b i cant rememebr its like "i rose up quick from an o to a brick "

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