NFL Mock Draft Vol 2 The Truth Edition

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    We officially start NFL Draft week over at BSO, so I will be updated the site daily with insider information leading up to our live draft chat on saturaday, so be sure to check us out daily.

    The Truth Mock Draft Vol. 2
    Written By Robert Littal

    With the NFL Draft only days away and anticipation grows it is time to separate the fact from the fiction. After weeks of pouring over game film and getting information from talent evaluators I present to you my Final Mock Draft. Remember we will be having a live NFL Draft chat on April 29th, so we can see who is the real NFL Draft Expert.

    1- Houston Texans – Reggie Bush, RB USC

    Simply put Bush is the most talented individual in this draft. A mix of Marshall Faulk, Roger Craig and Barry Sanders all rolled into one. He doesn’t need to run the ball 30 times between the tackles to make an impact on the game. He is a game changer, someone that defensive coordinators while have to game plan for. If he stays healthy and the Texans utilize him properly he will be the run away offensive rookie of the year. Don’t believe any of the hype about them taking Mario Williams. If they do that they will be making a colossal mistake.

    2- New Orleans Saints- D’Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia

    I have been going back and forth with this pick for weeks. We know they want to trade the pick, but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. I am not sold on Mario Williams being the next Reggie White or even Julius Peppers for that matter. I don’t think they have the nerve to take Matt Leinart. You have a QB in Brees coming off major shoulder surgery; it just makes sense to take Ferguson at this point.

    3- Tennessee Titans- Matt Leinart, QB USC

    Until they locked Steve McNair out of the building I thought they would take Young, but I think the coaching staff is pushing hard for Leinart who would be starting by mid-season if he is selected at this point.

    4- New York Jets- Mario Williams, DE NC State

    The Jets will be jumping up and down in their draft room because they won’t have to make a decision on Leinart. Williams will step right in and take the place of John Abraham.

    5- Green Bay Packers- AJ Hawk, QB USC

    There is nothing bad you can say about AJ Hawk who is probably the safest pick in the draft and will be a 10+-year starter in Green Bay and will be causing havoc from day 1. If “God” Favre would have made up his mind already the Packers would have entertained thoughts of drafting Vince Young.

    6- San Francisco 49ers- Vernon Davis, TE Maryland

    Davis has freaky “combine” skills, not sure how that will relate on the football field, but if he is as good as advertised he will be a security blanket for Alex Smith.

    7- Oakland Raiders-Vince Young, QB Texas

    VY is the biggest gamble of the draft and who better to gamble on him than the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis. If used properly I think VY can dominant the league and the more I have analyzed it I think it is a risk worth taking.

    8- Buffalo Bills- Michael Huff, DB Texas

    I really like Huff; he is a physical corner who could end up being a safety if the Bills choose to play him there. With the lost of Lawyer Milloy that maybe the best fit for him.

    9- Detroit Lions- Ernie Sims, LB Florida State

    The Lions D-Line is actually not that bad, but their LBs are atrocious. Sims can have as big as impact as AJ Hawk in his first year.

    10- Arizona Cardinals- Winston Justice, OT USC

    All of the players the Cardinals wanted are gone at this point, so they have to go with the highest rated OT on the board. It is a little early for Justice, but the Cardinals have no choice their OL was atrocious last year.

    11- Saint Louis Rams- Chad Greenway, LB Iowa

    The Rams couldn’t tackle my grandmother last year. Greenway reminds me of Zach Thomas. A little undersized, but somehow he is in on every play.

    12- Cleveland Browns- Brodrick Bunkley, DT Florida State

    If the reports are true and Bunkley is as focus as he has been during all of the draft workout and interviews he will be an impressive player. Romeo continues to build the D.

    13-Baltimore Ravens- Haloti Nagata, DT Oregon

    I think this guy will be a bust, but the Ravens desperately need inside players to free up Ray Lewis the Michael Jordan errrrr Gilbert Arenas of the NFL who has lost a step or 4 over the last couple of years.

    14- Philadelphia Eagles- Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio State

    The search for the new T.O. continues. Holmes is a smooth route runner and will fit well into the west coast offense.

    15- Denver Broncos- Chad Jackson, WR Florida

    Ashley Lelie says he wants to be traded so he can become a #1 WR. Last time I checked #1 WRs went across the middle of the field at least once in a 16 game season. Jackson will be his immediate replacement.


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