Black Gold.

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    Black Gold; a French, Italian, Tunisian and Qatar co-production, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud; is a movie, that's indeed trying to aim for quality, but unfortunately doesn't do it successfully, because it remains too sterile, transparent, not convincing enough, for a story placed in 1930's, when Arab countries became overwhelmed with the so-called oil rush.

    The gap between conservative and traditional world, which was still riding camels, and the modern, advanced and resolute business world, which started selling oil, brought electricity, began to drive around in cars and replaced swords with guns, machine guns and tanks.

    And in the middle of it all is the young prince Auda (Tahar Rahim), who's torn between his conservative father, Sultan Amariah (Mark Strong) and advanced Emir Nesib (Antonio Banderas), who offered him his daughter Leyla (Freida Pinto) to be his wife, which causes him further confusion. Father and father-in-law, two opposite poles of the same land, become lethal enemies. Because of oil, in which Amar sees evil, Nasib sees business opportunity.

    The movie's without a doubt wrapped with beautiful scenery, as well as photography, the only thing it's missing is the filing, such spectacles need to enchant the viewer. Everything is so dry and lacking spontaneity when it comes to theatrical creations. Can't say that the cast sucked, but they have failed to explode when it was necessary. As if everything about dramaturgy got forgotten and it was preferable to focus on the external appearance of the movie.

    It's one of those pretentious movies, that dreams of quality, but in fact, offers the viewer much less than expected.
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