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  1. TaLi RodrigueZ

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    Apr 5, 2002

    I. Intro
    II. Pent Up (New Mod)
    III. Should Extensions Be Allowed?
    IV. Inside the mind of a voter.
    V. Voter Of The Past Few Weeks
    VI. Interview (Tek)
    VII. Top 10 Verses
    VIII. Champ/Contender Review
    IX. Tournament Or No Tournament
    X. Conclusion​
  2. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    I. Introduction​

    Well it’s been an interesting three weeks since the last magazine to say the least. The biggest news, at least in my eyes, was the return of a number of heavy hitters from the past. There was Anaphora, who many may not know, but who has at least 25 wins under the belt. Then there was Thaumaturge, who made a quick, but forceful return to the mix before signing back out again. Nevertheless, he’s still undefeated at 10-0. Tourney runner up DeadKing is back in. 2 time champion Black Jesus has resurfaced and impressed. 2 time champ Runna Damille popped up for this past week. 2 time champ and 1 time tourney winner Richard Corey has come back to teach the young whippersnappers (that’s my new word if yall’ haven’t noticed lol) a thing or two about writing. We had a number of extremely close matches including NinjaKid vs. Nique, Black Jesus vs. Thaumaturge, Got Life? vs. L Dogg, and TRAP vs. Defcon 5. We had three solid champ matches and I managed to narrowly beat out Jook to revenge the loss that bastard put on me earlier this year. There was the whole little voting controversy lol. I won’t get much into that because I thought it got blown out of proportion anyways. I’ll just say this, when all was said and done, all sides were cordial and things worked out for everyone. Let’s see; what else. Junio Sixnine gave me scare in the champ match and is continuing to show why I think he’ll be one of the next people who haven’t won yet to win the title. Dmetrius no-showed AGAIN lol. L Dogg has managed to make it to another match with me. He’s the other dood who’s beaten me since I’ve been back, so I’ll have something extra special for him lol. Don’t want to forget Complextic. He’s quietly compiled a 4-1 record and is moving up the rankings as well. We’ve had a big bunch of new comers, at least in record: Vinny Diesel, Tactics, Twixn, and Calloused to name a few. Award for best name goes to A-Bomb inabowl lol. Anyways, I’m sure I missed some shit; sorry about that. Let’s get started shall we.

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    Apr 5, 2002
    II. Pent Up (New Moderator)​

    I'm gonna keep this short and simple; I like modding the RSTL. The RSTL is
    my hobby, i don't PERSONALLY care about getting votes, i dont personally
    care about voting, i dont care about the politics some of you involve into
    this league; all i really care about is writing and seeing what people
    think. I guess that, inadvertanly, makes me care about votes, but not
    directly. The reason I mention this is to tell you all this; I got modded to
    the RSTL to make sure its fun for me; me being the average RSTL writer. I
    mean i'm not really popular, but u all know me. no one really likes my
    verses (we can all admit to it, go on) but yet i still get votes a fair
    amount of the time, and I came and went as i saw fit so i was never
    "embedded" into your memories as some RSTLer or RBLer vet, yet, the only
    person who calls me a newb is the same person that weighs twelve lbs and
    thinks he's hard. So, because I want what you (the average RSTLer) wants, I
    will try to bring it to you. I will go out of my way to try to get people to
    show up before the deadline, I plan to go out of my way to help you people
    on aim, through PM, or however else to make sure your verses are posted, the
    votes are there, and you are getting help where u need it. I'm on AIM a fair
    amount of time; the SN is stupiditysez, feel free to ask any questions, and
    you will see my progress within the upcoming weeks. Please remember to post,
    and vote fairly.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    III. Should extensions be allowed?​

    We all know the pitfalls of granting extensions. They become even more pronounced when one considers that we’ve extended the due date to Friday. That gives us one less day to vote. If we extend into Saturday, then we’re talking a day to vote. However, I know very well that there are times when things come up. The other problem with not having the extension is that we end up with no-shows that wouldn’t necessarily have to be no-shows if a short extension was granted. Then again, what would prevent people from just being lazy and posting late cause they can? A voting penalty, perhaps, but then if that were the case, they might not bother posting anyways because they figure they can’t win. In the end, the answer to these problems is to just show up in the first place. Or, if you know you’ll have a busy week or two, sign out and then sign back in. You might lose a few spots in the rankings but you’ll lose more if you no-show. I don’t know, what do you all think?

  5. TaLi RodrigueZ

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    Apr 5, 2002
    IV. Inside the mind of a voter v.1​

    Opinions are like…You know. Votes are opinions. No two voters are exactly the same. We all have different criteria for what makes a good piece and we tend to be stubborn in that way. Personally, I think that is a good thing, as long as the vote expressed is genuinely what the person thinks. Now that we have that hidden vote shit going, there is really no where to hide. So anyways, I was thinking it might be interesting to find out why people vote the way they do. Now, I am not a proponent of writing for the voters rather than for you. Nevertheless, I think it’s a little naïve if you aren’t at least a bit aware of your audience if nothing else. So, here we go.


    Voting is a matter of preference, simple and plain. Now, that's not to say the mechanics of the verse isn't important because it is. People have different tastes, for example I focus more on how well the verse was written and that includes vocab, flow, and rhyme scheme while another person might look at the concept and story of the verse and base their vote on that. With that said, at the end of the day it comes down to which verse did I like more? If both verses are written well and both of the stories/topicals are good then I read the verses again and go with my gut feeling. You can always trust your instincts when comes to voting. So, my only suggestion on voting is go with your gut feeling.


    I usually read the verse all the way through once just to get a feel for it. If something really bugs me, or really wows me I'll type a quick note of it right away in the quick reply box. Then I go back through and pick out the stuff that is bad, or good and mention a couple specifically. The main criteria I use are: Mechanics- as in, spelling, proper word usage, grammar, overall coherency. (Copy pasting your verse into MSWord before posting it, and fixing spelling errors isn't that hard, and it makes it easier for the reader. If they have to continually stop in the middle of a line to try to figure out what you're saying, they lose the rhythm of the piece)-- Flow-- Storyline (or insight if it's a topical)-- and Originality, which can be great imagery, interesting metaphors/similies, or just how original the twist or plotline is. I don't have a tek-like scoring system, but it's usually pretty easy to decide when I take into consideration all of those factors.


    I think my voting has changed, a lot. Before I used to focus on the audio aspects (flow, scheme, etc), but then, Idk, I never made the conscious decision to stop caring, but I did, lol. Now I usually won't even read the verse to a beat. Don't get me wrong, flow and scheme still matter, but now I place greater importance on content and subject matter. Yea, that's wussup...


    I basically look at 3 main things that have sub-things attached to them if you will. None of these really outweigh the others. The first thing that generally stands out for me is the flow of the piece. I don’t care what anybody says, writing can ABSOLUTELY flow. I don’t expect to be able to totally catch it. But, if I can’t get any sort of rhythm going, then it feels like I’m reading a book or something and this is supposed to be a Hip Hop story and topical writing league. The next thing that stands out to me is the rhymes. Once again, this is Hip Hop, rhyming is a part of Hip Hop 98% of the time. The more complex the rhymes and schemes are, the more impressed I become, but ONLY if the words being used are used in the correct context and not just thrown in for the sake of rhyming. I hate that lol. I’d rather have someone keep it simple than to have them try to get all fancy and fail miserably. The last thing is the content of the piece itself. If it is a story, does it move along in a fashion that allows me to follow along and doesn’t make me have to assume too much. I also look to see how creative the concept is. Some plotlines have been beaten to death. If it’s a topical, is it being presented in a new way or is it just a rehash of something I’ve already seen a hundred times? Is the imagery there? That’s the sort of stuff I consider. Then, in the end, I look to see if all of those things are meshed well together. If everything evens out between two people, I just go for the verse I liked reading more. That is about it.
  6. TaLi RodrigueZ

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    Apr 5, 2002
    V. Voter of the past few weeks​

    This week’s winner also qualifies for the “has no business having a .500 record” award.” One or two votes the other way and he could easily be 5-1. Anyways, there wasn’t anybody who really stood out with the voting these past three weeks. There were a few last week that did but that is only one week. This being the case, I had to look for some consistency, and I found that consistency in Got Life?. For all I could tell, he may be the only person who didn’t miss a vote all three weeks. I could be wrong about that, but I think I’m right. Either way, he’s getting it and that is all there is to it. (Previous winners: TaLi, I Dunno)
  7. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    VI. Interview with TekneeK Pt.1​

    TaLi - Hello sir lol..What have you been up to since we last heard from you?

    Tek - Myspacin', Workin, Staying away from the boards honestly ... looking at it once in awhile but on the RSTL front - I been very much out of the mix.

    TaLi - Any particular reasons why you wanted to stay away?

    Tek - Last time I was in the league, I mightve lost the fire ... didnt have that same yearn to do it up -- the passion was rather steamed out. I wanted to take a hiatus

    TaLi - Yeah I'm about to that point now. I didn't sign out before because the league needed some bigger names sticking around and now I'm stuck because I can't seem to lose this title lol. Maybe you can help me with that.

    Tek - If my drive is alive, I'll be #2 in 5...... weeks that is.

    TaLi - Might not be that long, you'll be coming in pretty close to the top 10 if things pan out the way I think they will..who knows..But anyways, if you have been keeping track of the RSTL a bit, what stands out to you as good bad or ugly?

    Tek - Good ---- Tali and the return of Black jesus...... The Bad ---- same ole problems of the RSTL... and... the low enrollment of newcomers.... the Ugly ---- nothing.... Omen's gone... so nothing's ugly now.

    TaLi - lol...yeah I suppose. This is something I'm asking in the magazine but I'll ask you now. What do you think about the idea of a Winter tournament? Do you think there should be one, if so, should it be this year or sometime towards the beginning of next?

    Tek - as long as its in the Winter.... anytime is fine.

    TaLi - Do people even show up around the holidays though?

    Tek - as long as enough of the quality names show up --- it dont matter.... that one particular cat pariticipating in the tourney is going to want to win it all

    TaLi - Yeah. Is there anyone in particular you are looking forward to getting a chance to face that is signed in at the moment?

    Tek - Pretty much everyone i faced before. the ones i lost to .... i want redemption. L-Dogg, Rich Corey, Dmetrius, Anaphora notably. im downtoned from beef - but a real intense match i'd like with is dicinyaeye.... last time we went... there was much beef and trashtalking --- im over with that and want to just go at it mano y mano.... just raw.

    TaLi - Funny you mention that because I've been working on an early version of the rankings and you two are matched up if things hold up the way they are.

    Tek - If it pans out that way --- then let's do all for good matches for the league...

    TaLi - haha..Well you said you're downtowned from beef but do you think there is anyone in the league that gets more credit than they deserve or is "overrated" at least in your eyes?

    Tek - hmmm....

    TaLi - Or underrated as well

    Tek - not a lot of positive remarks on Dmetrius -- he deserves more praise .... Deadking and Jook are pretty nice .... Black Jesus is dangerous .... ---- I dont know why - but I still tend to think that no matter how good L-Dogg is --- he's beatable.

    TaLi - Haha..I hope you're right. I think right now, it's kinda hard to say anyone is overrated because nobody is really riding anyone at this point.

    Tek - I'm just here to return to the league and just have a good time... i think this time around - my aspirations and intentions are bit more conservative.

    TaLi - The problem with Dmetrius is that he has no-showed the last 20 times we've signed him in lol. If we could actually see his writing, he'd probably get the credit

    Tek - I have no real serious intents of looking to win --- alot of good players are in the mix.... everyone is potentially dangerous. ---- Dmetrius does that -- but on his days when he's focused, I truthfully think he's as good as anyone else.

    TaLi - I've heard the same. I just haven't seen it yet.

    Tek - I honestly always liked his writing. He's different in a way --- but he's unique in his own writing style also.
  8. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    Interview with TekneeK Pt.2​

    TaLi - Well I hope I get to see it some day. You just said you had no real serious intents of winning, but you probably wouldn't mind picking up that 60th win

    Tek - I think if anything, that would probably be my 1st goal coming into the RSTL - its the nearest feat that I can achieve and I feel that would be a good accomplishment.

    TaLi - Yeah, only 3 other people I think have done it, and only one other is anywhere close at this point other than you. That is pretty good company. What would mean more, achieving that or winning another championship even though it's not either or in your case, but hypothetically..

    Tek - both would be awesome - but i do say winning the title is more important .... to me its more coveted and more critical of your exploits. -- 60 wins is a good thing but that's just like saying Lebron scoring a 100 in a game... but never winning a championship.. which one is better....

    TaLi- Yeah I understand that. There is no way I'll ever get to that mark. So I'll have to be content with the wins and titles I have at this point lol. That's a crazy record though, I commend you on that.

    TaLi - Lemme ask you about some folks in the league and you give me your impressions on them. You can even use the scale in your sig if you'd like lol.

    Tek - Sure.

    TaLi - Runna DaMille

    Tek - I dont know him at all --- never red him --- i cant say.... sorry.

    TaLi - Understood. Nique?

    Tek - Underrated -- potentially dangerous but still in the shadows of Erykah Caine. to me EC is the greatest female textcee in the RSTL's history. --- Nique to me is like a B+ player.

    TaLi - NinjaKid?

    Tek - Nice.... very standardized and well..... a pure B

    TaLi - Ok let's see, Pent Up

    Tek - he sucked in his earlier days of texting -- i could manhandle him easily.... but today he's seriously dangerous now .... his game's risen very much..... gotta give him an A-

    TaLi - He'll be happy to read that lol. What about L Dogg, you mentioned him earlier.

    Tek - Same as Pentup --- was not so great earlier but is as deadly as any other textcee. Im happy to see that his last few feats that he's achieved has raised the bar on his skills --- i give him an A- also

    TaLi - Ok a couple more. Um, Richard Corey.

    Tek - I hate him because he's too good. He's like a WWIII or a Tha Talent ... I fear him. I'd have to pray before i start writing a verse against him if i paired up in a match with him. --- A

    TaLi - LOL. Bring WWIII back please. People have totally forgotten how dominant he was.
    Tek - We've beefed so much in the past, but I do give the utmost credit to WWIII --- he pretty much owns me .... has tormented me on every match we had.

    TaLi - Haha..ok last one, that TaLi bastard.

    Tek - 2005's top 3 textcee ... alongside Rikoshay and Vern-acular... period. all 3 strong candidates for end of the year awards MVP

    TaLi - Haha..Riko owns that category though..He's done stuff most folks can't even comprehend..One of these days though...That leads me to my next question..Rikoshay won 18 in a row I think. I can't remember. Hypothetically, if I lost next week, what record do you think will be broken first, 18 straight wins or 8 title defenses?

    Tek - 8 title defenses

    TaLi - Why is that? I agree lol. I'm just curious

    Tek - I just feel title defenses are in comparison an easier feat. it's just a matter of how consistent u can be in preserving ur wins

    TaLi - Just to put it in perspective, I haven't lost a match since the end of July. I still only have 12 consecutive wins lol

    Tek - keep pushing even though the boredom is ripened. --- u never know what ur able to do.

    TaLi - I'll do what I can lol. I'm wearing down though. Ok well ima' let you go. Any last words of wisdom or criticisms of anybody or anything etc.?

    Tek - Peace to everyone - I'm just here for the ride. ...

    TaLi - The new subdued Tekneek. It will be interesting to see how that plays over.

    Tek - time will reveal my friend.

    TaLi - Aight man thanks a bunch for your time.

    Tek – always

    the end lol...
  9. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    VII. TaLi's Top Ten Verses V.3​

    I'm sorry, there were a few people I left out this week who were right there on the edge, primarily NinjaKid, Got Life?, SoulQuest, and Pent Up, Calloused, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.

    10. Nique

    Once again, Nique smashed the rhymes to smithereens. Sometimes, I think she gets a little carried away. But, when she keeps the rhymes under control, she is a very formidable force. This particular match, she did just that.

    9. Brandon Thompson

    This was an interesting piece. In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to like the pieces that stand out among the rest, not just in skill level, but in creativity. That is where I thought this one flourished. The back and forth between the themes of terrorism and cameras was executed pretty nicely. This one probably would have made it up higher if there had been a bit more depth to it.

    8. Jook

    Well, he almost beat me again with this verse. The common complaint was that it was too straightforward. That is a legitimate criticism. That said, I thought the piece was written very well and even if there were some unanswered questions, the read itself was entertaining for me anyways.

    7. Junio Sixnine

    This is one of those pieces that unfortunately never get seen much due to a no-show by the opponent. With this particular piece, I just liked the way it developed and how, particularly toward the end, I was led to wonder how the picture was going to be brought into it. Then, when it was brought in, it was fulfilling, not just there because it had to be. Nice twist at the end too.

    6. Thaumaturge

    I didn’t really know much about this person other than he was 9-0. After reading this verse, I can see why he had that record. There were little things here and there I could nitpick, but the rhymes and the depth of the story were pretty damn good. It’s just a shame it had to be cut down and the real ending couldn’t be fully developed.

    5. Anaphora

    This was an ill concept and verse that pretty much went to waste in the traditional sense because his opponent was nowhere to be found. The picture painted was so vivid that I could feel the emotions as I was reading it. That is something a lot of people don’t have the ability to do.


    Vigil has had a brutal time since he’s been in this league. However, his record is no indication of his ability as a writer. I’ve always admired his wittiness, but this match, he developed the story far more than in previous weeks. If he hadn’t been up against Richard Corey, he probably would have beaten more than a few of the other contestants verses that week.

    3. L Dogg

    This is the sort of verse that made L Dogg one of the most accomplished and well-respected writers this league has seen. The piece flowed nicely. The rhymes were cool. But above all, his ability to convey emotion in a way that others can easily relate to made this verse one of the better ones I’ve read from him since I’ve been back around.

    2. Black Jesus

    Well, Black Jesus’ return to the league was a damn good one by my account. He has a really interesting way of using wit to convey something that is anything but humorous. Then, on top of that, the rhymes were well placed and not overused or forced. I particularly like the way it flowed naturally right into the topic at the end. It was just a damn good piece of writing; I can’t say much else about it.

    1. Richard Corey

    Pent Up wasn’t overly impressed, but everybody else seemed to agree that this one of the best verses written in a while by anybody. I was one of those people. He just has a really unique style that, when executed to it’s full potential, is so refreshing to read. The concept was interesting. The narration was wonderful. It flowed nicely. I don’t know what the hell else anybody would want.
  10. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    VIII. Champ/Contender Match Revrews by Pent Up​

    In these past three weeks we've had one contenderhsip match and three champ
    matches that were dope. So, while Tali refuses to leave the top willingly
    and we

    all squabble underneath his plateau for a right of passage into the hearts
    of our internet brethren, I sit here and review the past three weeks and

    when the madness will end. I, of course, lose to Tali for the belt. Richard
    Corey no shows a contenders match, and Ldogg drops the most insane no show

    ever. The week prior, Tali defends his honor against J o o K, giving him his
    first loss in the RSTL. Trap no shows against an anxious me, who expected to

    lose but instead recieved the cold shoulder, and a waste of a verse. In the
    third and final week of my review Tali takes on Junio in a good show from

    however a better showing from rodriquez; and that same week nique decided to
    give up her chance at a champ match and signs out after beating Ninja kid in

    close shuffle of their odes to pens and the music it creates. Overall, these
    past few weeks were pretty on point, wish the contenderships were a bit more


    Backwards now;

    Ninja Kid vs. Nique;
    This match baffles me. Becuase on the same week, two people came with the
    same idea in mind, on completely different topics. Ninja kids verse was more
    of an

    "ode to music" in its entirety, coming with a metaphorical approach about
    how music has helped progressed his life through different stages. His

    stemmed from this picture:
    and went through a tunnel of mazes of evolution of the

    mind, body, and being. Nique on the other hand wrote her ode to the pen,
    where here metaphor was more of a "i'm imprisoned in my heart, writing" sort

    metaphor that didn't develop quite like a story, but held very personal
    content that came out in a splendor of personification and metaphor.

    Tali vs. Junio Sixnine
    This was a very dope battle; Tali using his ability to entertain us with a
    verse on some double meaning shit, and Junio coming back with an equally as

    entertaining verse on "Bulletproof" shit (adam sandler movie). Anyways
    Tali's verse was one i had seen ONCE before; it was a portrayal of hood
    life, full of

    mob violence, drugs, car jackings, shit talking and mugging. His verse is
    also about the characters mother, and her disapproval of the situation he's

    himself in; then tali twists it, and BAM, her disapproval is of video games,
    because thats what he's been doing this whole time....err did i ruin it for

    Anyways, Junio dropped an illy verse about this dude who committed a few
    crimes with his "boy" and got away. Sometime later the reunite to catch up
    at a

    knicks game, and all goes bad when the "old friend" turns out to be a cop,
    ready for the bust. This battle was really down to prefrence in voting,

    while Tali had the sugar coated form of writing this time Junio came with
    some dope plotline, however his approach to the topic was rather bland and


    Trap vs. Pent uP
    Trap was nice enough to check in and make me waste a verse. I figured i'd be
    losing so I wrote a piece about how parents fuck thier kids up by not

    them grow up. Read it and PM me a critique.

    J o o K vs. Tali
    Cousin Jook Vs Mr. Rodriguez in a close one. Tali's threw a personal touch
    on a story this week; mixing a hodgepodge of topics with decent rhymes and a

    smooth flow he took the win on this one, however, Jook was only one vote shy
    of tieing. Tali's story was of his lucky friend Zach, though the name may be

    fictional, according to Tali the characters are real. Zach is a soldier in
    the Army who makes it through a hard spot or two and then reaches home,
    where his

    fiance welcomes him only to hear news of him having to go back again. Sounds
    interesting huh? Well its written well so go peep it;
    Jook on the other hand did one of his uplifting verses about a crackheaded
    hood youth who stood no chance of making it and through all odds survives

    continues to through life to be prosperous landing jobs in law enforcement,
    got his education on, and even landed a mayor gig (in the state of utah?).

    with dope language, a crisp flow and a nice moral, this was a very good
    battle, i advise you to read.

    Richard Corey vS Ldogg
    Short and simple; Illest check in of all time VS realest no show verse of
    all time
    realism beats lyricism apparently....

    or something smartass enough to fit this no show of a match. go read the
    thread in hookups where RC asks for an extension and PM him the due date

    week...and i do mean everyone, not just u..that one guy who read this...

    Tali vs. Pent uP
    I don't like writing about myself so i'm going to keep this short. Tali
    dropped a dope piece about judgement of self. A Story with crisp flow and

    (as usual, mostly) and pretty dope morale. He drops a bit of knowledge about
    'T', his main character, then proceeds with examples of how other people

    'T.' Then he proceeds to flip it with a dope ender. a Should-read verse, i
    guess (cough-bastid-cough). Oh yeah, I dropped a verse for this too, it was

    an angry god ready to deliver the apocolypse. Irionically Tali gave me the
    idea for this verse weeks ago, and i had wrote it, and it matched the pic

    perfect.....i get points knocked off becuase it seems like a "bland approach
    to the topic" whatever you schmucks. Go read this battle, because i Yearn

  11. TaLi RodrigueZ

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    Apr 5, 2002
    IX. Tournament or no Tournament?​

    It’s coming up on December and we’re going to have to make a few decisions. One of these decisions is, do we want to hold a winter tournament or not? We had one back at the beginning of this year. There are a couple of reasons I’m throwing this idea. First of all, nothing is for sure yet but there is still a chance that the format of the league might change up a bit next year. But regardless of that, I just need to know what usually happens around the holidays with this league. Does anybody ever show up? Do they usually shut the league down around the holidays? I’ve never been here around this particular time so I’m not sure how it normally goes. Do you all want to start the winter tournament this year or would you rather start it at the beginning of next year? Would we rather just not have one at all and have one in the spring instead? These are the sorts of things I need to know from you folks because I really don’t care, we’ll do whatever yall’ want to do. Let me know something.
  12. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    X. Conclusion​

    We have a crazy lineup this coming week, and assuming there isn't a mass exodus, we should continue you have one for a while. I just wanna thank all of the old timers who have signed back in, all the new folks giving it a chance, and those in the middle who tend to get overlooked far too often. Things are looking good. Oh yeah, I'll make sure these little mags are late like this anymore lol. - TaLi
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    doope mag once again
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    This wasn't about last week? Boo. Cool shit I guess.
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    Dope mag. Thanks for the mention.
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    dopeness, once again great work to the fellow mods for holdin down the mag work....excellente'
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    vote = tournament
  18. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    i smell heavyweights..... this week.

    props tali for a good interview and for devoting ur time for us... im happy to see u and the other mods holdint it down....

    makes me happy that till this very day RSTL still going.
  19. complextic

    complextic I dont speak spanish

    Oct 4, 2005
    nice shit, top 10 was onpoint.
  20. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    good work guys..

    the work put into this shit is underrated so props
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