"Bent In the Cause" **Feat. El Poet**

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Sole Sovereign, Dec 27, 2004.

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  1. Sole Sovereign

    Sole Sovereign Hungry But Never Starving

    Jan 4, 2001
    Sole Sovereign
    Eloquent Poet

    “Bent in the cause”

    i feel the walls closin in
    and the bars i gotta bend
    wit the strength of ten super-men
    my skin is scarred
    from the wars
    that i was in
    i try to mend my heart
    and ask the Lord to forgive my "sins"
    i lay my pain
    through the ball point of a pen
    my soul seeks for seeds of truth
    like the Songs of Solomon
    as i begin
    to soak sheets
    write words deep
    in layers like sediments
    of concrete
    try to keep my feet planted
    on firm ground
    wondering will i ever
    learn how
    to balance positive
    and negative
    use my mind like Einstien
    cuz im positive that
    my theories are relative...

    my reflection is in abestos,
    harmful smoke oversees my throat
    it feels as if the vampire inside of me,
    will be released
    when i regurgitate my raspy throat
    the pieces of the puzzle dont mend correctly
    shape shifting,
    tearing at the pieces end,
    and still it doesnt fit,
    the walls are closing in,
    i spread my arms and legs and begin to push against..
    only to fall flat on my face,and blood begins racing from my chin...
    enraged with,regurgitated hatred,i mimic others
    their true selfs they always cover up
    i dont want to fall into their trend,
    the pen bleeds remorse from constant sins..
    i feel the vampire rip thru my skin..
    on the inside
    on the outside i appear normal,
    seldom cheerful,
    often moody,
    well i guess thats not normal,
    since i dont appear exactly like the others,
    i bleed for truth so constantly
    an iv transfusion,
    couldnt repair what im losing,
    hope and happiness
    streaming down inside such hollow tears
    try to keep reminding myself im here
    on planet earth
    i feel all contact disperse
    as i dig deep into my memory bank of words,
    the pain reemberced
    smoking blunts,
    dispensing the ashes outside my truck,
    the ashes resemble me,
    im burning the exact same way,
    not knowin how to change,
    the walls are caving in,
    i cant fight it,
    im glued to it,
    and cant pry it open,
    the horrors left unspoken,
    from my delicate emotions,
  2. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    woooord up

    nice like collabo but I was expecting more from the talent of you guys

    Sole was going off like the woes of a wordsmith....only with a more sloppy keystyle verse...not as well thought out or perfected rhyme-flow that you've shown in the past...but still nice nonetheless

    El P was tight....your verse was ill but seemed out of place or way on a tangent...the whole vampire and loosing your sanity trying not to follow the crowd was dope....could of been flipepd a tab bit better but was original and I liked the twist.....word-play and flow was off and on

    overall this was aiiiiight...I was expecting something more I guess

    oh well

    props for trying....haven't seen any collabos in a minute?

    stay up

  3. Sole Sovereign

    Sole Sovereign Hungry But Never Starving

    Jan 4, 2001
    Thanks UFO, and you're right this could have been better put together, el p did his part though.. the lack of planning and structure and concept would be my fault... thanks again el p for the chance to collab
  4. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    no doubt...
    good shit,
  5. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    Still great for all worth. The rhyme scheme goin on, yeah-but I like how it came together. Sole is saying there is no room to spare in giving up, and Eloquent is going over the edge-trying to figure out how the hell to change things, but at the same time being sucked underneath. Both of yall poets are looking for a way to learn to change things, it's almost as if this was the beginning of a long journey yet to go (part II part II!)

    Pretty cool, I never thought of this coming from any poem-It had me thinking of a comic strip and you being the characters, escaping from the bars, becoming a vampire-your other "identity" you try to keep hidden when you just want to be heard.
    -Much Love
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