Being Sick

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Have a great flow which make me know mine end as
    Time spend, pleasure always, measure my days in jazz
    Oh how frail I am to prevail in a program without a plan
    In society collided with fences but provide with senses stand
    Well-fitted but fell when I admitted to being weak now seeing
    Freaks out to bring me down because I wear bling around fleeing
    This atmosphere up in here doe, ready to disappear and go skiing
    A carpenter so I renovate places and penetrate spaces of real estate
    Dang I got a lyrical thirst in a material universe so I must escape
    Seeks maps so I take leaps in rap end up at home fighting in my
    Own writing in fear no doubt because I’m not clear about the fly
    Discussion running through my brain need a true dame with the flames
    Of love to bring me onboard along with my FORD Taurus like AMES
    On CRIMINAL INTENT I’m suspicious detective GORAN got names
    My behavior not norm for tradition need major recognition my flavor
    Meets friction like bad recipes on sad destinys wow I may need a favor
    Face mental aggression having my credentials questioned my carreer
    In here up for grabs, no doubt my future dim I’m out on a limb sincere
    About to fall off, one time a host of magic tricks led to a most
    Tragic flick featuring wild ducks my style corrupt like bad toast
    Somehow it annoy to be a cowboy that lead horses and
    proceed with choices to make got a calm brain become a man
    like JOHN WAYNE a microphone crusher out of touch
    but like a well known usher in church stand along walls search
    of evil that hide, give it a legal ride to hell, many variety in any
    society, tries to step but led to cries for help some wept a plenty
    eyeglasses protect my sight, car bumper reflect light rap Ebonics
    everyday and they on Electronic display using digits so ironic
    amusing midgets BUSHWICK BILL would be loving this he was
    a GHETTO BOY so far this legal code equal to a load of liquor cuz
    got class in the streets listen to fast beats but my tasks heat up
    when rapping to chick, stuff be happening quick jest a sweet butt
    need unique luck doe, slaughter friction use underwater demolition
    met a wet chick now in a stage coach with a peach but as
    we approached the beach she changed into a mermaid this jazz
    had me fooled she jumped into the water and swam off damn
    she was soft, my wish prevails wanted to kiss her scales am
    I dreaming? Got a dewrag on ready to tag along be by your side
    With hardcore pride candy yams in my pocket, I score but collide
    With haters smack down clowns with no background my pride
    Prevail, find tutors that can design computers this requires brisk
    Desires and a lot of know-how, I flow now straight without a risk
    Of sounding whack, sometime get trapped but smart know rap
    By heart pull out a map start to plot my location and perhaps
    Discover America like Columbus did some folks say it’s crap
    But my flow is dope because I know the ropes to success at
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