Being Late for Work

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by bagglad, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Being Late for Work

    In my car I ride devastated because my pride is abated you
    See I have hub caps need dubs and thug rap and a dang crew
    Plus a CD deck and a MVP pay check from some basket ball
    It’s getting drastic yall, want hand on cash fast a fantastic fall
    To the bottom is expected now check it have to abandon
    my mode of life causing me A load of strife so at random
    can’t let it hurt must get to work no gunplay but like a runaway
    train ready to jump rails, join chumps in jails got a ton to say
    feeling extreme hatered letting off steam like the Matrix need
    to see Lawrence Fishburne many twist and turns in my life feed
    my phat desire dang got a flat tire on my ride now can’t proceed
    any fake jerk can be late for work not me I hate the dirt that
    follows, the anger beast in me unfold, cease to control stats
    which make me mad wearing bling not a sin but bring this
    to an end I’m a thug but must loosen the lub nuts and twist
    them with my hands nobody stop to help now sweaty and
    somehow still ready for work, hitchhiking won’t do, plan
    to make this brief it’s causing great grief this could attract
    a fake thief that a solid fact now whip out the hydraulic jack
    try think of a tall riddle as my mind shrink from small to little
    my car jacked up now fear these mack trucks passing fiddle
    and shake my car wanna blow it off the jack its not a soft act
    must hurry trust me I worry it may fall on me my mind backtrack
    on this dumb route and trouble come about like flat tires this require
    me to have desires strong need tires from Firestone got dubs for hire
    it’s a windy day well anyway got a plenty to say I’ve changed the tire
    not gonna beat around the bush neded a renowned push there for a blind
    miniute but put my mind in it and accomplish another task it’s time
    for me to justify being late dust gonna fly make no mistake must find
    an explanation
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