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  1. urboyeon

    urboyeon New Member

    Jun 8, 2009

    Your Beauty is beautiful
    natural as your self

    Full of happiness and joy
    something ive rarely felt

    Deep in your eyes
    ive fell in endless depths

    Falling from the heavens sky
    I will catch you before your death

    Knowing where you stand
    I stand right beside you

    Your Honesty and trust
    with no secrets that will hide you

    Beautiful as the summers sky
    Beneath the stars lies a twinkle in your eye

    diamonds pour as you cry
    the truth sinks in while lies simply dry

    Care free of your insecurities
    pure and gentle as a mothers touch

    a gift from the gods above
    ive never asked for much

    Truly you are my beauty
    while time is the trail youve left me

    Patiently I wait
    Knowing that you will not forget me

    For Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
    i hold a blank image awaiting to see your smile

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