Beating Machida

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    Sep 17, 2004
    I've watched Severn and Coleman fights but that's beyond the point. WRESTLING DOES NOT INVOLVE STRIKING. So at the end of the day, ground and pound isn't wrestling. It's something wrestlers typically did once they got their opponent on the floor but it's its own entity. IMO, ground and pound can basically be considered a martial art. It has to be trained and defended.

    And how are we wrong for summing someone up in an MMA stand point. That is what we are talking about, right? MMA..... So of course we're going to call someone elite for MMA striking because you're not going to call a K1 fighter who comes into the MMA an elite striker if he can't hit anybody because he keeps getting taken down because at the end of the day, HE STILL CAN'T HIT ANYONE (in MMA). I completely disagree with you here. AGAIN, a K1 striker has the benefit of not having to worry about takedowns and being submitted or ground and pounded once taken down. IT ADDS A COMPLETE NEW DIMENSION TO IT SO IT MAKES IT EASIER TO ATTACK WITH WRECKLESS ABANDON.
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