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Discussion in 'Audio Producers Discussions' started by doebeats, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. doebeats

    doebeats The One and Only

    Oct 21, 2001
  2. b-real 123

    b-real 123 New Member

    Apr 28, 2005
    Download the trial demo from their website - free dereferer service

    Download the Pace I-Lok patcher from SND and patch the exe file to make it work in full version forever

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    Pace I-Lok patcher will work on all the plugins below too

    Just patch the dll files in your vst folder

    Most reports will be on vst plugins
    RTAS maybe added later depending how well the patcher works

    Working list:

    Antares Auto-tune evo
    Antares Harmony Engine
    antares autotune-fx
    antares avox
    soundtoys (You may want to skip the drivers on that one) Know more later
    brainworx stuff ( Boom & Dynamic eq may give you a problem) some say it works..Most don't
    WayOutWare KikAXXE
    WayOutWare Timewarp2600
    Harmony Engine EVO
    SPL Mo- Verb
    SPL De- Verb
    SPL Attacker work
    East West newest PLAY plugin (LIBRARIES NOT WORKING YET)
    overloud BREVERB
    The Time Modulator by Intelligent Devices
    MegaDelayMass by Intelligent Devices
    Slip-N-Slide by Intelligent Devices
    MarkBass Mark Studio 1
    Focusrite Forte Suite (RTAS and TDM)
    Synchro arts Vocalign for PT V3 (audiosuite)
    RND Digital plugins. (choose custom install, uncheck ilok and tkpd-something drivers, then patch the dll)
    Nomad Factory (Try out patching the Hardisk Authorisation tool from Nomad Factory and doubleclick after installing British bundle..)
    Mathewlane-DrMS version 3.0
    Beat Thang Virtual
  3. doebeats

    doebeats The One and Only

    Oct 21, 2001
    Second thing i tried downloading came up as a Trojan on ESET. Any ideas?
  4. b-real 123

    b-real 123 New Member

    Apr 28, 2005
    a crack or patch often gets though as a virus or trojan with AV software

    ..A patch modifies files on your computer to crack the software

    A trojan also modifies files on your computer

    AV software does not know what is bad or good

    the patcher is safe believe me

    This tool patches trial versions of PACE iLok protected executables
    and dynamic link libraries to not show any protection dialogboxes
    originating from its protection dll nor recieve input from the
    ReadFile and RegOpenKeyExA Apis to its protection DLL.

    This results in the app never exitting its trial and not showing
    a dialogbox nag.

    Why release a tool that in essence shows no particular amount of
    skill? Simply because you should not allow your protection to be
    manipulated like this. The tool is only compressed by upx so
    anyone interested can have a look, its not overly complex. Also
    when researching a patched PE look when entering the PACE
    protection dll (CALL EDI) for a jump and follow it, youll end
    up in the API Hooker, which is really all thats important in
    this patch.

    The tool makes use of the following weaknesses of PACE iLok;
    (Perhaps they differ when different protection levels are used
    but all PEs checked had these.)

    -No decent crc on the PACE dll loader.
    -No encryption of the PACE dll resources.
    -No check on redirected APIs.
    -Making exploiting this all not that hard.

    A crc check by the driver would make this patching instantly
    useless. Anti-unpacking isnt everything.

    The patcher hooks the GetProcAddress API, any firewall/OS or
    other program that checks for this must be disabled.

    If the patcher destroys your app, you should have made a backup.

    Were not responsible for its usage.

    No idea what happens if its used on custom implementations,
    SDK, or anything else for that matter.

    install notes

    Step 1: Double click to use our tool!

    Go to vst folder, patch the DLL with the SND patch

    Reboot maybe needed after installation of plugin but before patching
    If you found you needed to reboot too report in the post
  5. noVa ProductionZ

    noVa ProductionZ RS7K 4 LIFE!!! MPC BLOWS!

    Aug 20, 2002
    best thing you can do with cracked software is upload the crack to one of those websites that scans with nearly every antivirus possible,

    if it only comes up in a few antivirus and is a well known torjan/virus heuristic match (aka not a definitive match but one based on an algorithm) it's most probably OK.

    however going legit in the past 2-3 years has been the best thing for me as i never really got viruses before but seeing as nearly everything i do is online now (including banking etc) it's best to stay well clear of everything unless you know the source is very well known.
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