Beat Battle/Fundraiser/Live Beats on MPC's Fri Aug 31st

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    phillipdrummond get at me for footage

    Dec 24, 2002
    For anyone interested who lives in Cali/The Bay Area, I am doing a beat battle/fundraiser for my non-profit Today's Future Sound (we teach kids how to make beats in public schools and community settings) Fri Aug 31st at Club Six (21+).

    Also B.Durazzo (Oakland/SF Bay Area) x Fresh Kils (Toronto) will be doing a live 3 x MPC beat set. This will be my 7th year in a row of putting on live beat battles. Info etc. as follows, flier forthcoming:

    fundraiser for our Non Profit Today's Future Sound that teaches kids beat making/music production, here are two workshops we have done:

    August 31st Beat Battle/Fundraiser/Live Beats:

    BDurazzo demo 2 x MPC Demo (NO LOOPS OR SEQUENCES): B.DURAZZO Live Beats on TWO AKAI MPCs @ ONCE - YouTube

    Fresh Kils MPC Transformers routine:
    Fresh Kils - Transformers Routine - YouTube has all my contact info on it...still slots open!
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