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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by V0rT3X, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. .X.PlisiT.

    .X.PlisiT. New Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    Long shady hair, black hoodie with the timbs.
    I flip so much weight, I got them ripped limbs.
    My wrist game is insane, I need some band-aids.
    Smoke in my brain, fire in my heart, you know I always stand-blazed.
  2. 0unsure0

    0unsure0 New Member

    Jan 1, 2010
    Sitting in my room trying to understand
    If defeat can be as hungry as a man
    Loaded all of my soul packed within a van
    Only got one bestfriend his name is Stan
    And he's a song but it's playing wrong
    Laying long back gone even though our pacts strong

    Sometimes I guess it's easier to fall
    People nowadays can't suceed at all
    Pride is empty like a summer Hall
    Standing in a stall Like balling with a ball

    Completing the purpose of whatever can surface
    But in truth no one knows how slippery the turf is
    I just want to leave all these bad curses
    So if I have no purpose
    Then living is worthless

    MaRVOLOUSJ New Member

    Nov 17, 2009
    im marvolousj....your favorite say it prick.
    jay is sick...i'll smack the shit out a hater quick.
    all you haters quit!...give it up you wiggers suck.
    you got 32678363 wins? nigga i dont give a fuck.
  4. Henrock

    Henrock New Member

    Jan 26, 2010
    im tryin to live it up til im too old to get it up/
    henrock lets sip it up/ give props or give it up/
    get a cup n chase it, chill/ dont waste n make it spill/
    i stays for real while these characters is Peco's Bill/
  5. J-Alike

    J-Alike WatZ GOOD

    Feb 5, 2010
    bein myself is easy but its hard to live my life
    scribbln my name in graffiti the pencil is my knife
    my shield wields words makin my vocabulary verbaly abusive
    i grew a screw up so every year on my birthday my head needs a tune up
    my favorite color is green cuz i smoke madd weed and i love 2 make cash
    and when females ask me wat i like mos about them i gotta say the ass
    i can skateboard but i dont do tricks i just ride
    and if i have 2 pick a side i say that hip hop has died
  6. Cliq Claq

    Cliq Claq New Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    must be hard being you
    doing what you do
    acting like a fool
    pretending to be hard
    dude, you're a tard

    you are not a gangster
    you are just a prankster
    wearing timberlands
    said you killed a man

    you ain't killed a fly
    yet you testify
    thug till you die?
    u make me laugh till i cry

    See if it weren't for tupac
    you'd still be wearing tube socks
    have your hair all crew cut
    chillin wit the Ku Klux

    now u indoctrinated
    wear your hoodie black
    from the hood u claim to be
    talking all that smack

    go back to the suburbs
    before i make your butt hurt
    u don't stand a chance
    i'll bury your bitch ass
    like an avalanche.
  7. OJ

    OJ Parksvegas Sniper

    Jul 21, 2000
    Livewire 2010

    I'm alive, a livewire,
    but i've been sinful at this,
    cuz my minds thoughts desires,
    are so simple to twist,
    made plans for a way out,
    yeah i've been through the list,
    events play out get worn down,
    then begin to resist,
    cuz it's easy to quit,
    give up,
    and not give a shit,
    just to be alive,
    a livewire,
    when i'm really just sick,
    hard to stay sober,
    when i'm believing my tricks,
    my mind a switch I control,
    and it's easy to flick,
    it's why I make plans then postpone,
    plans are easy to flip,
    but really in my mind I ain't believing this shit,
    but then i'm fine,
    spare me your grief,
    just don't waste all my time,
    cuz if i'm in this place,
    in this mind space,
    i'm blind,
    don't try and get thru,
    as I said,
    it's just a time waste,
    and i've wasted alot,
    alot of my own,
    and other peoples though,
    I thought they were wrong,
    so my actions I could condone,
    but now i'm alive, a livewire,
    using my time alone,
    not to get wasted,
    to grow,
    finally comfy in my mind,
    like it's home
  8. OJ

    OJ Parksvegas Sniper

    Jul 21, 2000
    If you like the juices style,
    get ready for more,
    it might produce a smile,
    strike plenty of chords,
    I gotta lot of life experience,
    I'm lettin' it out,
    str8 from Idaho and serious,
    I'm reppin' it proud,
    doubt my fuckin' skills bitch,
    i'll make you believe,
    doubt i'm poppin pills sick,
    still baked on plenty of weed,
    I put away the bottle,
    it was wasteful indeed,
    I used to fuck a model,
    but she raced out with speed,
    yeah the pedal full throttle,
    she escaped from me flee'd,
    You see,
    i'm an RM vet baby,
    10 years proud,
    back to claim my star,
    get respect,
    keep my head above crowds,
    set myself above the rest,
    admired up in the center of clouds,
    dusted off the shelf I love a test,
    inspired re-inventing my sound
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