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  1. Graphix

    Graphix Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    Here's five minutes of truthfulness
    I feel useless, yet I choose to let this tune reflect...
    on all the happy moments of my youth, you check!
    Before I was addicted to booze and sex
    I was an aspiring artist. A quiet kid,
    Admired for being one of the flyest and smartest
    A giant on a island of short kids..
  2. Tristan.

    Tristan. took your girl.

    Mar 24, 2008
    the truth hurts, emotions showing what proof stirs
    amazing that much can be explained with only a few words
    i move and use verses dispersing my bruised nerves
    so i display what i teach by learning the true term
    and thats the way it is, it made me crazy kid
    maybe to late for this, you better stay away from it
    only a few were meant to fathom it, and handle lit
    a maverick, a winner who glimmers like when a candle lit
    you'll get lifted so fast, it be like gravity hit you
    and your only reliable source is a magazine issue
    if we left it to you, the facts'll be riddles
    feeling offended yet, shit i ain't even actually diss you
  3. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    ima be real wit yall stunters
    Real hard real fly will ride on y'all muggers
    never been poor born white and wit money
    But that don't mean shit I get my hustle on
    Movin so much weight I'm puttin mad muscle on
    I stay high like the birds I'm pitchin
    And I'll run up on nebody snitchin
  4. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    the block is hot
    cops gettin' shot
    I got the biggest rocks in a zip lock
    all my niggis crip walk
    no action with alotta shit talk
    this ain't no alfred hitchcock
    3,2,1 liftoff
  5. Arsenic P

    Arsenic P A.K.A. PROPOSITION P

    Feb 25, 2006
    i can't think of shit right now so imma keep it on the real/
    just left incarceration judge denied my appeal/
    bringin up this old shit they say files is sealed/
    i know niggas oversea's bout ta die in the field/
    wish i had enough chips i'd buy'um ah sheild/
    why they get killed over sumthin petty i never can fee..l/
    this is me everyday so imma b myself/
    i bang right everyday ain't tryna c myself/
    rap's in peril the game need's my help/
    for these i die over imma bleed myself../
  6. Whisky

    Whisky watch it

    Sep 18, 2008
    i'm always myself, so why won't you be yourself.
    i've been delt, with a life living in hell..
    always been on point to tell, what direction
    to lead myself into, being on top getting through,
    the rough shit, i'm tough enough bitch..
    watch your steps before you get your ass kicked
  7. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    im often lost in thought when the obvious comes a knockin
    thinkin its not my problem i still forgot to stop them
    but now im caught without when and only have the now
    and only if i knew then could i have found out how
    but now its said and done and im still left with where
    and the ironic thing about it is that i dont really care....
    so i look to the past to see if theres hints of future
    a trail or path in the road made by the early rising rooster
    but all i see is then and not even a hint of who
    and those reflections in the mirror were always me, not you!
  8. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    I'm here to take ya....Through 09

    They serenade us, through crimes and with those who step courageous
    we left to flip pages, to serve as laborers for minimum wages
    just say'n we born wit the gift, but rather adjust to they bullshyt
    ha ha laugh cause like they smile, thats they confidence taking advantage of shyt
    either if you chew or spit, you a hoe to this game in what men spend
    i'm man so i stand as i am, guess ya fell to forget
    ya bleech thrown in colors, forget'n to cycle to spin
    ya cats aint shyt to me, give ya freebies its easy
    this money I get, cause RECK for TWO CENT
    how they taxing, fuck a tea party i'm maxing

    lol i stop cause i didn't want to bless ya wit it
  9. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    I grade my rhymes on a scale of 100 to a million
    Some are doin' billions but on the real I'm not feelin'
    Peeling away the swagger from the substance
    In the dagger I see reluctance, feel incompetance
    I block the stance they hold towards my ground
    They worship it, yet don't know I round the mound
    Sound disturbing, can't keep ya eyes off my shit
    If I jiggle a little, will you get pried off my dick?
    With the flick of my wrist, I sing jingles for you cats
    I'm a symbol of the acts, when I'm swingin' at cha backs
    Simply that's a fact, but I'm over it you're just inspired
    Bet you'll even be hired to sing my raps when I'm retired
    Your sling and cast, is a handicap, you're a dandy rat
    I'mma band these hoes together get this candy cracked
    Hand me that rhymepage, hey look I think it's mine mang
    Yeah it is, it's mine mang, go get your own rhyme page
  10. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    8 million stories to tell
    bring it to em vivid the hood Orwell
    spit detail the cycle from court to jail
    a group of juvenile delinquents
    running shit uptown with them wild gremlins
    the life of fast cars and fine women
    can't believe the lives we livin'
    used to be hoop dream niggis with Iverson vision
    but figured that selling crack was an option
    stacked dough on crack now look like rap's an option
    show love to my Dudley niggis back in Boston
    madd love to my Jersey Squadron
    Chancellor Ave. South Orange ave. those my patnas
  11. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    drown niggis in a block of cement
    thats you get keep poppin' shit
    I know all the bitch ass niggis you walkin' with
    I know where ya'll live
    bring it to ya mom's and kids
    this is a no play zone
    I warned niggis to stay home
    I warned niggis they wouldn't be safe alone
    shoulda played smart but you didn't take the advice
    now ya blood drippin' from the blade of my knife
    no one in sight to safe ya life
    official gankstas East New York
    it ain't safe on them streets you walk
  12. Richter

    Richter Slayer

    Dec 13, 2008
    another touchy subject, ain't wanna budge yet
    it's like, living life is a crime, and you the fuckin suspect
    it's hard to try in a era
    where trial and error, will leave your ass trying forever
    don't let the fakes murder you, learn from your mistakes
    they'll mirk you for the cake, if your mistakes learn from you
    try to get cream, play em all
    remember, life is a scheme play along
    i offer to you, start to achieve, be what you be
    walk in my shoes, it's hard to be me, even for me
    so i fill in the gaps, taking drugs
    shit whats realer than that ? pain and love
    some of yall just really in need of getting hugs
    sad and scary, imaginary, i wish it was but...
    reality molding bitter thugs
    and salary's only gets you grub
  13. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    when it comes to weed God damn, i must be a fool
    got caught pitchin at home, then blazin at school
    but i dont worry about shit, theres no need to fret
    im a smart dude and used someone else piss 4 tha test
    stay high like a kite, but its like grass im rolling in green
    i keep my money in paper, and stay rollin that weed

    420 niggaz
    i got mo money niggaz
  14. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    born in 82 shyt birthday tomorrow
    its out wit the old in wit the new, though habits be borrow
    heart cold being scorn blinded by my sorrows
    strive to be the best only to come out a zero
    hardships following footsteps of heros'
    time for a change open the blinds to my window
    wanting to own but content having rentals
    pressure from bills world not being sincere
    stuck like is anybody out there who really care
    reason i dream seeing myself back on the block
    harassed by Ds and cops passing through spots
    like can i live, while checking my peeps
    tire of streets, now a days haters wanna sneak
    hoes upgraded to diamond chasing glitter and gold
    game is to be sold but do they see the patent old
    take heed the game wont change only players
    make reality what ya heart believe fuck haters

    need a oxygen mask
    how i be running out of breath in this race
    being a paper chaser
    other than that hate the fact i'll erase ya
    reach got a grip on gats like poppyes arms
    blunts roll smoking like trains
    so after a days work they tasting like lucky charms
    what the fuck yall on
    when I move my draft be the storm
    can't never say i never put yall on
    spitting more explosive than bombs
    ya cats neither a threat or close being a harm
  15. Ace K

    Ace K Ace K

    Sep 1, 2001
    im mentally and physically scar..yall gotta feel this
    man..i was born into this cruel world with mental illness
    foreal sicccck line or nuttin im real wit it
    i aint had shit in my life...but ima still make a meal..ya dig it?
    parents divorce and all...facin another direction
    it seems like my future's darker than my skin complexion
    WHOA....that's even worst, don't ask me why outta breathe and life's finna pass me by
    i been thru it alllllllllllllllllllll....i put that on my mama
    shit...i don't even think obama can solve all my drama
    shoulda when to college or came in the game wit a full blitz
    instead i wasted majority of my time on some fuckin bullshit
    i blame myself fo' that...i feel like im my worst enemy
    buy hey...ima battle all my fuckin' problems like it's ten of me
    haters wanna fight me cuz of the race i represent
    can't point the finger at me no mo...look at the president
    had to slow down on tha weed..made a nigga paranoid
    i got demons watchin my every move and they staring hard
    fuck it im different..i stand hate just linger
    keep pointing at me..ima come over there and break ya finger
  16. Eko Ren

    Eko Ren New Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    I've got nothing but my pen, nigga, nothing to lose
    Just me, my creativity, and my substance abuse
    And I indulge in these catastrophes, just call them sabbaticals
    Empty my emotions in a pad as something quite magical
    Use my exponential capacity to divide up these radicals
    And in fact my lovely lyrics are always this factual
    I live off the expression of my intellectual possession
    And release mental tension through creative inventions
    In fact, all of my endeavors and full of intentions
    I even joined this forum for further attention...
    And even to exercise my lingual aggression
    And if you think you're competition, please press send, SON
    But I'm stressed; my life is very often a mess
    I barely make my rent because my products impress
    But there's little left and I'm sometimes depressed
    But dare I say I still ascend, when I trace back my steps
    I'm improving, so I'm consistently moving
    And if my attitude is right, the odds are slim that I'm losing
    Because when I perceive my life from a panoramic view
    I'm starting to like the pretty picture I drew.
  17. CKing

    CKing Unregistered User

    Mar 24, 2009
    I'm myself, im always myself, whether you like it or not,
    It's just me, myself, and i, always looking for my spot,
    I'm nice, most of the time, cuz im a nice guy,
    Friends and family are close, we plan things on the fly,
    Unorganized is my style, thats just the way i like it,
    But i am OCD, always chompin at the bit,
    Dense military affiliation, spent some time at Knox,
    I opened the door and you should too when opportunity knocks,
    Busy all the time, sports and music is life,
    Unless im relaxin in the crib, wastin away my life,
    Light up a blunt, watch everything shift around me,
    Creating viscious visages, things i remember clearly,
    Slipping from consciousness, losing my grip on the real things,
    Waking up, roughly realizing i hadnt lost anything,
    Snapping back to reality, got work at 5,
    Damn, overslept, late, as time keeps flying by
  18. Bar nigga

    Bar nigga 314 STL Ancient of daze..

    Jan 26, 2009
    niggaz i'm live...
    sensin evil in eyes cuz ya bitch had noticed i'm fly
    if u look in my eyes u'd notice i'm high
    if u lookin to die then approach us i'm holdin the nine
    2 cool of a stroller ta get knocked off, my motionless stride
    focused and liked, he 2 high of a roller...
    this the life of a sosa...
    pardon the culture pants baggy but nice, wrist is ice'd, freetype'd
  19. NoChristmas

    NoChristmas straight slavic flavor

    Dec 1, 2005
  20. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    I stay deep to my roots and spit heat in my booth
    cant deal wit reality... so I drink on my boose
    nigga I stay bossin, straight flossin from LA to Boston
    get my hustle poppin cuz failure's not an option
    straight coughin on this cypher, cuz freestylin is lightwork
    i get 'loose' on a mic jerk...cuz I always write a 'tight' verse
    yeah the techs just might burst if a nigga get hyped first
    put the gat in ya mouth..."shh, shhh..yeah this might hurt"
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