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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by V0rT3X, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. V0rT3X

    V0rT3X Under Estimate Me - Pleas

    May 31, 2008
    So Let it Begin - No Battles, No Bullshit, No Game Talk - BE Yourself
  2. M-Famous

    M-Famous Maserati is back...

    May 18, 2008
    now this here's some real shit
    i'm broke as fuck and got 2 kids....
    and my girl so confused she don't even look for the dick
    i'm quite sick when i spit and... quite literally
    i don't know what got into me, i need a new identity
    I'm to far in to turn around, my path has been made
    all these dues i have paid, my life's the darker side of grey
    on my knees when i pray, shit i can get any lower
    i tell her she's the only 1, but she insist that i show her
    who's knows hurt? i know pain the kind you feel in every vein
    the kind that makes ya body lock up, and there are no words to explain
    the way you feel, you said keep it real
    and this is as real as it gets...
    i've had enough and just between me and u
    i'm really sick of this shit.
  3. V0rT3X

    V0rT3X Under Estimate Me - Pleas

    May 31, 2008
    I can Be Somebody - Myself, No One Else
    Fav Rappers are Kweli, Common and Mos Def
    I Dig EL P - BIG L Rest in Peace
    Its just the Bullshit rappers - they gon have to cease
    I think We All know the few WHOS I'm talking bout
    I am Not Horton - But Please Hear Hear me out
    I understand entertainment needs a Weezy
    But I'm not sure about Boosie, Soulja Boy, or Jeezy
    I'm not sure If its cool to act a Muthafuckin tool
    I'm done with Radio, Lets bring back the old skool
    Get rid of Payolla and let the people decide
    instead of DJ No Request - Same Song Same Mess
    I feel the average childs brain is being slowly Circumsized
    And its not getting better cus the - Seems its only getting whack
    I kinda miss the Hip-Pop Puff Like 'Take That - Take That'
    Srry Foilks i got sidetracked I just turn off BET, MTV and relax
    Got the CD Store and buy a real MC
    He's my favorite rapper, his ghost writer is me

    Shout out to my Big Homey Skillz - "Your favorites Rappers, fav Rapper"
  4. Deciet SD

    Deciet SD New Member

    Jun 16, 2008
    My name is Timothy Burton, but you can call me friend
    I'm African American
    I hope Barack Obama wins
    Just got through watchin' him makin' his 'racial speech'
    you're a racist yourself if you don't raise to your feet
    It's not like he 'came from the streets'
    but he bangs my CD, and got his game from Deciet
    His middle name, 'Hussien'
    is obsolete - better than 'what's her name' and 'John McCain the creep'
    official Submission endorsment
    In the middle of a decision? let me enforce this-
    If you don't vote for Barack-you're a sell out
    replacin' the Bush Administraition-Get the hell out!!!
    The Clintons should've bailed out
    Something's 'fishy' in the White House-he'll get the smell out!
    It's time for a change
    November, 2008 - Now, what's your name?
  5. skarekrow187

    skarekrow187 ~~...:::SKAREKROW:::...~~

    May 16, 2004
    When I woak up this mornin,there was blood on the sheets,an I must have missed an artery,but cut through the meat//
    Cuz I hate this fuckin life,an it means nothin to me,an holdin back the fealins,that stay stuck in my teeth//
    If I can fill this fuckin script,that's a hundred I eat,till I can't walk str8,and I feal numb in the feet//
    I'm disgusted with me,cuz I can't trust what I think,so imma pull this trigger,an throw my guts on the sink//
    Don't be lovin rubbin,kissin or fuckin huggin on me,I have a hole inside my chest,so bitch there's nothin to beat//
    I could kill us both,it aint nothin for me, to squeeze the fuckin hammer,woth the snub to my cheek//
    Wit the drama in my life,I've had enough I coiuld scream,its got me crazy in my bedroom,fuckin bustin up things//
    Once you just stop carin, man its such a relief,you can drown ya fuckin madness,wit the drugs that you eat//
  6. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Let me bring it to ya live real no gimmicks
    Man to man talk a fullfilled description
    Say Ima cool niqqa, I look out for mines, true niqqa
    I do most of the time without a clue, niqqa
    Try to do the most with my time, No talk but a do niqqa
    Not a ladies man but they all say Im a cute niqqa
    I don't front, what I do is try to use niqqaz
    Gas yaself up, Ima have you do what I want
    In other words I have niqqaz do what I won't
    Real friendly, but Im harmless
    Its just a niqqa lazy as fuck, I throw flames in the cut
    Don't get it twisted, tho but real talk
    fuckin with me you gon end up missin, ho
  7. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    This ya boy smilez, let me help this fuck niqqa out with this shit....
    Southstar, here we go....

    Listen up, we (back!)
    Live from Orlando, we live it up we (back!)
    We pitchin' (we stack!) you missin', how bad?
    Momma mournin', we bitchin' , we (Clap!)
    Its ova for ya no deal havin' chumps stylin' on the corners
    We get our bread, we smilin' in the courtroom!
    Damn! Damn! Damn!, ya boyz is back, just signed a new contract
    Shady Records got the door shut on they ass
    Yeah! how important this shit is
    To all rappers and CEOS of the rap businesses
    New album, three mixtapes in one week we finishin'
    On the grave of my the death mother
    SMiLeZ & SouTHSTaR 4eva, we bout to drop another.....

    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Southstar the kid, you see me a tall ass niqqa
    The death of my child had me trippin', y'all hauled ass (niqqa!)
    we still battlin' on these mean streets
    Cashin' in on Mickey Mouse, gun machine feats
    Leave no clues (WHAT!?) we packin' clean heat
    Animal Kingdome niqqaz, keys weigh like wales
    Mathematics won't contemplate this scale
    Water gorrillaz amuzin' at the amusement park
    All tourists wonderin' what we do at dark
    (Check it!) my flow bump morphin into ya brain
    with the rawness, cocain, all offence
    Universal, Disney, pink dolphins
    Southstar uh shoot that ass up, leave kids orphans
    Fuck em take too to the morgue and we done for tonight
    Southstar done fucked ya in the ass n ya done for the night (What!!!!!)

    Y'all heard him too this boy is mad
    Im mad, we mad, Orlando is mad
    Its our time now and foreva 08 from now till 4eva
    HCeck us out on DJ Khaleds new mixtape droppin'
  8. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000

    I pitty pat wit the smack through sandwich bag wraps
    you stale i'm fresh yes i'm spitting that crack

    laugh at haters want'n me to fallback
    nah never that rather shed emotions on wax

    know'n I spit that trap rest of u nyggaz wack
    i'm a spade wit raw residue let'n loose like a mack

    whats shrimps to lobster when I move like a mobster
    talk'n could get ya mopped up wit lead like gobsters
  9. jdip482

    jdip482 New Member

    May 16, 2008
    Im a philly kid born n raised always gettin' silly,/
    i come through cats stall knowin' im the king of the city/
    no pity, throw the unprotected straight in the nitty-gritty/
    bitches think they hard, tryin' to do they thing, but not really/
    can't swag n kick it like me, im the dude that acts n' spits vicious/
    you got yah crew on me, 1 phone call i got the whole militia/
    my names so hot i got the game on lock, i could save hip-hop/
    watch these bitches flop, im the one that remains on top/
    peeps tryin' to spit shit that i already dropped, they flopped/
    ill stab you without a care, might as well call me a greasa/
    hear you spit my shit, im bout' ta charge you like a Visa/
  10. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    They can’t stand this,
    parliament of fluent text rips
    I slice through haters
    like a katana blade
    I’m sharp as razor blades
    on the mic- I cut haters lips
    Y’all nicca can’t fade me..
    I'm the next saga as it continues
    snitches catch ditches
    Bytches your life wont continue
    I’m the berry bonds in this
    my lyrical world of who’s who proved it
    So remain silent silently killing informers
    transforming my stats with berry bonds bat
    I'm breaking they records- fuck the belligerent-
    this is fact-either way punk haters strike out at bat
    standing up at this savage making chronicle pitches
    bitches this is from my dairy-
    don’t fear it when your tongue disappears
    and your eyes bleed tears
    hearing stops in ya ears
    your body starts to bleed from buck shots
    so stop with the flip flop like McCain
    your campaign will eventually stop..
    Hommie I’m a winner like Mr. Change
    i'll remain on the top..
  11. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    ok.... um...i am he
    if he, is who u see...then u lookin at me
    ugh, crook in a tee right hookin' a beat
    fuck niggaz lookin for beef u get tooken to beats
    so if i is me then this ether he spitted to you was heat
    admitted my writtens are habit inflicted..
    viewers, get addicted to the diction presented, on screen
    losers, is you, niggaz that was mentionin me...whew
    real life based scripture get viewed and'd
    pills like matrix fiends get hooked on E....

  12. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    get it?

    the internet? my writtens aRE habit inflicted? hooked on E...

    me typin is makin u addicted to the diction presented, on screen
  13. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Ill B-NIZZ like when haters be hating on SIX….

    Copper toped long lasting like Duracell
    Fuck a pink bunny I’m handing out pink slips
    Get ya issue here –I’m the boss with extra clips
    Got em edited on the 1000oclock news clips –
    Broadcast station cut out the gory graphics
    Words twist bodies lyrically mangle em
    my words rip twist like the death roll in between alligator grips
    satain said I’m a trip cause he was made he didn’t think of this….
  14. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
  15. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008

    Yeah daddy we runnin' y'all clowns out ya own threads
    we be gunnin' them down, muthafucka say a word n we shuttin' them down
    It's the S-M-I muthafuckin' to the L.... uh... E-Z
    Keep complainin' n we'll be floodin' y'all shit so EASY!
    You know you want it you need it, so much attention you lackin'
    We came in, n gave it to y'all in a second it happened
    So what, muthafucka? It's SoHH, AHH, all with the streets
    combined into one n we all came with the HEAT!
    Down South rowdy ass niqqaz, we so young n rich
    Y'all New York niqqaz stay broke, let me give ya a cameo but suck my DICK

    Damn.... this niqqa Smilez, dawg you nasty!
    Ya lyrical complex remind me of Nasier Jones back in the 90's
    Hit the block with the trenchcoat mafia, the O is a zoo
    The pressure start risin' as soon they start blowin' on you
    Its all in the plan, for its better when niqqaz know about you
    They knowledge limits itself, they don't know about •••els...

    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    Yeah we murda y'all, its the muthafuckin' truth, ya boy smilez n the boy wonder (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    We hot.... Oh My God, we so so fuckin' hot.... we global now... (We the Best!)

    Holla at us boy if you wanna be on the winning side (muthafuckaz)
    Y'all bitch ass... y'all bitch ass (fuck you pussy niqqaz!)

    We out....
  16. Played Punches

    Played Punches Punches Sooo Well Played

    Jul 8, 2008
    yo, im the dopest...check the amazing flow
    so sick i got doctors like, damn i dont know
    i rip kids daily, while you lookin' at calendars
    ready to rip any on coming challengers

    played punches what!
  17. the wrong one

    the wrong one New Member

    Jul 26, 2008
    I'm too wrong got two schlongs one for my bitch and one for your mom.....hazardous whipping ass in shit...face fighting with my fist...dick fucking with your broads ass and tits
  18. Tristan.

    Tristan. took your girl.

    Mar 24, 2008
    i came and saw...
    conquerd my problems and tamed them all
    stayed true, and made moves i never had made before
    too many people watching and stalking, you can't be sure
    with a tool, i might a lose it and use it to stain the floor
    think i might be silly but really i'm making sure
    i won't be feelin guilty so really, i'm crazy yall
    so if you gotta problem your better off if you stop now
    the new tommy lee, i be rocking out with my cock out
    so best not get in the way, please just stop pursuing me
    the kids known to take advantage of opportuinity
    it's pretty safe to say, ain't nobody this hot and true as me
    whats funny is, this ain't even what i'm known for droppin usually
  19. skool ya

    skool ya higher learning

    Mar 1, 2002
    my names pete, i hate when lames speak
    im the same creep who's stays cheap
    when it come to women,
    the only thing im givin is cum swimmin,
    crack and some pills, my lungs of steal,
    can only last so long, i love drugs for real
    im poor, down and out, i forge accounts
    cus, im an attic, like the top floor of a house
  20. Graphix

    Graphix Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    I'm lonely and tired. Stranded at a cross road.
    Not known as a liar.. I roam in the fire
    of hades.. Yet my soul is too cold to perspire...
    Disappointed & powerless.. prone to be quiet
    When I'm confronted by a hater who've broken the silence
    I've seen its face before on a racist board..
    It's alias was "I hate you all" and "you make me barf"..
    Could have tell by its word usage it was a flaming dork
    Fuck it though! I'm trying to get my shit together..
    While script a clever rhythmic quip to crush it slow!
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