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    Jun 3, 2010
    Yooooo so JeremyLambert88 and I recently started a show called Battle Addict on Blogtalk. Our first show was this last wednesday (EF,VanillaNigga, & Sonny Daze called in) and we got such a positive response and good feedback that we're going to be doing it every wednesday on Blogtalk @ 9pm eastern time. Kingfly from KOTD just sponsored us for the next month so we will be bumping the show up to an hours length or more now.

    So check us out next week on weds 9pm eastern time, not sure if we're going to have anybody on but we will have schedule up of upcoming guests soon. Call in and chat with us, the number is -

    (718) 508-9522

    Heres the link to our first episode

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