Basic Rhyme Juggling (Short and Sweet)

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by rawthentick, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. rawthentick

    rawthentick New Member

    Jun 10, 2010
    My Over-complexity Reflects Ecstacy
    Expect The Best of me
    And Never Try ta stand next ta me
    especially, if you wanna even think about testin me
    beef, i got the recipe
    flambey a text-emcee
    set him free
    niggaz'll learn eventually
    i got this internet rapshit locked penitentiary
    anything i say goes, don't try ta question me
    invest in me ill show you how i do this shit effectively
  2. twdIDescipleI

    twdIDescipleI New Member

    May 29, 2002
    Critically Acclaimed/Lyrically I am Flames/There is No Victory Without Pain
    The beast from the East/I Have Yet to be Tamed/Lunatik/isnt he just strange
    Massacring Tracks/beats literally get slain/the fire in my soul comes from misery & pain
    you niggas Delivery is so plain/so I../see it as a mission to start getting rid of these lames.
  3. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    listin bitch how would u like it if i said u had one incredible ass//
    and i wanted to jump in it with an incomprehensible splash?//
    i wanna dive up inside, and fuck u till u died, then fuck u back to life//
    be like dr frankestein its alive!! if u survive//
    i wanna smack u around until u get dizzy, treat u the same way i treat these bitch made MCs thats tryna diss me//
    i sacrifice u ritually, eventually u wont wanna get with me, until then u aint shit to me//
    viciously rip mcs consistantly, no one can give u the business but me//
    i dont think u bitches c, im the sickest thing in history//
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