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    Feb 19, 2014
    S/O to @Kron

    THRONE...i guess...

    Imma king in my realm, i wield the pen like excaliber//

    No matter how many nights, you spend at the table you'll never match my caliber//

    Cuz i hammer shit, imma blacksmith, mixed with gallagher//

    Straight beast on a beat, cant u hear how I howl the words?!//

    Blowing up any challenger, cuz too me rap is rocket science//

    Dude Im in the lab all day, workin on some unstoppable virus//

    They say Im sick in the head, i violently vomit up guidance//

    My words could destroy your world, like if earth and a comet collided//

    Like a prophet combined with, professor X, imma visionary//

    Schoolin kids, on how to be accepted for what they are, a mutant missionary//

    Whos Fluent clearly, in that i am well versed in all things//

    My mind frame is that of the stars in heaven, never swayed unlike the fall leaves//

    Unchanging, set in stone, is my throne, yalls flow is a calm breeze//

    Cant move my structure, or even knock leaves off of the palm trees//

    and ur the bomb? Please, my nick name should be, Oppenheimer//

    The way im planning on killin millions, as a quantum scriber//


    Ok this is more than just a hobby, see if u can follow my train of thought//

    Im in the basement, laying down tracks, that all connected contain the plot//

    You can tell im a lil off, to understand me, id have to explain ALOT//

    of crazy concepts, my thought process, is insane to watch//

    Wordplay is inane on drops, complex dialect//

    Its hard too see my spectrum, my words glow violet//

    If you think you got my number then go ahead and dial it//

    And plead your case, then tell me how the trial went//

    Youre just a child kid, with your one track mind//

    Your goal is so simple, unlike mine//

    All u want is too be rich, and live life blind//

    while Im tryin to pierce through the darkness, and let light shine//

    if u dont get my lines, its ok, my ideas are as vast as the ocean is//

    as I try to shift the tides of time, i kill em with no condolences//

    Bible and sword in my hand, show me where a worthy opponent is//

    But really im only here too see the rise, then watch em fall like the romans did//

    yeah...more to come...
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    Feb 19, 2014
    no love? sadface*

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