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  1. The Old Man

    The Old Man ★★★★★★★★★★★

    Jul 20, 2008
    "Deflowered Rose"

    Under the guise of darkness, lies a heartless, guy who hides the carcass ..
    .. of a seven-year-old school girl back in his high rised apartment.
    She’d tried her hardest,
    To escape the ropes he’d tied her arms with ..
    .. before the tyrant started to divide her garments,
    And molest the child regardless.
    The violence started, once she’d rejected his evil suggestion ..
    .. he beat her ‘til her cries for help, were little more than silent yelps.
    The pungent stench of his stale breath, clung to her pale flesh ..
    .. and she balled her fists at each sordid kiss,
    Placed upon her by his morbid lips.
    A single finger prised open the pink insides of this shrinking violet ..
    .. and as his assertive hand plundered her cervic glands -
    He barely blinked an eyelid.
    Rose couldn’t bring herself to meet the glare of this demon,
    So, tearfully, she stared at the ceiling - Feeling her innocence tearing and bleeding.
    Her tormentor had climbed, the lengths of her thighs and ventured inside ..
    .. Clenching the sides of her face -
    To reveal the dark intent in his eyes.
    Tensions were high, as the monster snarled through pristine dentures of white ..
    .. And spat in the young girl’s face,
    Where a mass of fear and resentment preside.
    The animal lengthens his strides, as beads of sweat secrete from his pores ..
    .. The heathen ignores her pleas for remorse -
    His sickening lust still eager for more.
    With arms that are strong and sculpted, and veins that feed him copious strength ..
    .. he gropes for her neck, holds her over the bed, and chokes her to death.
    Poor Rose had tried her hardest, to escape this violent hardship ..
    .. Now her lifeless carcass, sits on a dirty mattress back in his high rised apartment.
    And under the guise of darkness, lies a heartless guy who’s prides departed ..
    .. His lone physique roams the streets,
    While looking to find his targets…​
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