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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Armandale, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Armandale

    Armandale New Member

    May 12, 2010
    when you're walking don't push me
    can't beleive you're a faggot, cause your whole click is pussy
    steeped in the gayness it becomes you
    beleive when I say this motherfucker I will hunt you
    snipe your division and end the life of your vision
    automatically sick, fly through submission
    couldn't water board me, my lungs to deep
    work my mind when I rest cause I run through sleep
    garbage man of rap when i run through streets
    if you want success got to come through me
    uproot your family tree, when I stamp on the scene
    you dont like me 'a' - then fuck you b
    in search of the highway while you're stuck in the ditch
    so twisted, my girl could say your name while shes sucking my dick
    I just want the feeling, you want the status
    I bust my nut and go get more money, never poli with the rappers
    while you're on stage I count stack
    claiming that your signed I doubt that
    you're just a slave in the industry buddy
    i'm just amazed you're not in the streets buddy
    knife and the gun talk, hype with your dumb thoughts
    I write like a sawed off and i'm nice how I come off
    wouldn't know it was me if you got stuck for your ice
    so I stay outside of city limits and fuck with your life
    because I can do, they say I learn to rapid
    keep spitting hot shit, got to burn you faggots
    like the CLAP was spread - tainted wine keeps the pastor fed
    I form my dough, bake my buns -then I wrap my bread

    out from regina, ask A brit I got thorohead
    you run then, and you become a throrobred
    i'm out here chasing stack
    never go back, only towards victory laps
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