Attack the man above you

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Sir Bustalot, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. RMomentum

    RMomentum New Member

    Dec 21, 2013
    You attacked my name, but what's the meaning of lazerscope?
    You started off good, but you ended up on the rope..
    Talking about AK's like a motherfucking gangster
    Guess you are still discovering your sexuality, just didn't find the answer.
    I might not be the best, I use this site just to craft my Technique.
    Portuguese and representing, in my native language: Faz me um bico
    8 lines are enough, I don't have to say shit
    I'd usually respond with 10, but you are just not worth of it.

    Faz me um bico, translates to: Give me a blowjob, and you are supposed to read bico as bic.
    BTW how would you rate my english from 0/10 in this verse? Last verses I made some mistakes I Wrote some words incorrectly purposely.
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  2. Mr. Hahn

    Mr. Hahn Member

    Sep 26, 2013
    Someone get this guy a pen and a pad,
    'Cos he ain't gonna go on like 'at. No,
    I'ma show you what flow be good
    a game of Hahn says, take place in any hood

    Yo, watch me tear your drums up, get more than your mouth suck
    get struck by this lyrical fire truck, word
    Don't hate on names, yours is lame, shit its outta wack
    Scope can't aim his gun, like he can't rap

    You the fakest of the fake, you a bitch runner
    Even lazer tag ain't real, call me a torch burner
    Duck your head son, or turn around and run
    I let 'em loose, no scope, smokin' verbal gun
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  3. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Word to Pun, I'll watch you jerk back, hand you ya purse back
    After each and every 1000 pound pressure per slap
    You got the nerve jack, to diss the incredible?
    I could spit the worst rap, 'n still turn you to a vegetable
    I'll make you a spectacle, like a dead body in the alley
    I pack so much iron, I should walk around with a caddy
    Up to par, 18 holes in you, cuz I ain't soft, nigga
    Been nice with the 9-iron, but this ain't golf, nigga....
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  4. Glasscut360

    Glasscut360 Member

    Apr 8, 2007
    Iron talk tough talk you street ninjas, Just young ronins,
    Only reaching for asthma inhalers after seeing dead bodies in an alley, you soft.
    I smoke buds with seals, catch you at the golf course,
    your way too under par/ hit you with the desert eagle.
    Skip town, i am on the highway in two minutes, my driver is superior by far
    My God no to push-a t, my golf game in reality is superior by far..
  5. L-e-x

    L-e-x Its me Dawg

    Jan 28, 2001
    Whats up glass-cut, sorry but your rap's-butt
    and get slapped-up, you whack-slut
    wasting my time writing a rhyme but here's-clutch
    Ill punch you so hard in ya face your ears will touch
  6. lazerscope

    lazerscope Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Lex, acting hard is just dumb and it's reckless
    Cuz the only "Drama" you ever seen was on Young & The Restless
    Nigga I'll make ya girl give me head 'til she headless
    And in the morning take her and ya little son to Denny's for breakfast
    I just can't respect this, nigga it's senseless
    You suspect, a nigga that named himself Alexis/A Lexus?
    That is by far, the gayest thing I've ever heard
    And pushing canaries from a pet shop is the only way you selling birds!

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