at no point was eminem the greatest multisyllable rhyme ever

Discussion in 'Battle Video Archives' started by the rhyme king, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Crescent Swerve

    Crescent Swerve Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2010
    obv. but they aren't what black people from the states who say / coined "real nigga" would consider a "real nigga" .. well other than maybe cats from the streets in Africa or Jamaica

    i've met several black dudes from UK , the "streets" are a way diff beast in America compared to Europe

    what people would consider a "street nigga" in England would not meet the same criteria to be considered one here & even if they did it would it wouldn't matter cause its one thing hustling in a rough British area compared to in the projects or on the corner in somewhere like New Orleans


    i know black dudes that aren't from projects or the worse hoods , shit even some from the burbs of New Orleans that are REAL ass black dudes

    its crazy your not considered "real" if your not grimey , scandalous & commit crimes / hurt people / sell crack or spit gun bars...

    & if your not actually from the city or the hood than forgot about it you could be the "realest nigga" ever , if you ain't from the hood your not "real" .. shits twisted & URL is at the forefront of that movement ( one of several reason i don't like the direction Smack & Beasley are taking URL & battle rap in general , since they basically now control battle rap fads / trends
  2. 12345678

    12345678 New Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    lol this is some fantasizing 'whose got the hardest country' shit, kind of like every debate with u ppl turns into. have black british communities got all the fuckeries u lot have got goin on? nah theyve got different shit goin on they r just stabbing ppl instead of shootin ppl lol minority populations in every country are in the same boat with regards to crime an poverty tbh different circumstances and different things going on but part of the same problem. you talk about things you havent got a clue about london has got the highest concentration of jamaicans of anywhere outside of jamaica for a start or are they not 'real niggas'? lol @ you not bein black but thinkin to be a 'real nigga' u gotta be a bad cunt
  3. You People

    You People Active Member

    Jul 26, 2011
    The bad apple outta the bunch
    Take the captn outta the crunch, packing a punch
    When im rapping for lunch, fuck having a hunch
    Im acting trife, jack a knife slape ya wife
    Ask ya life what is it willing to sacrifice
    Half the night, nigga's said I needed a drug
    D you be wilding, but the beat make's me bug
    The lab attict, with bad habit's, feeding giraffes cabbage
    That had rabbits, when it would shit I laugh at it
    HA HA HA HA HA HA I dont think so
    Ya mink coat, and stink flow, could sink slo
    Drown dave, but I could never cause I found way's
    Make Soundwave's surround's slave's from underground caves
    Have Megatron, crying and beg the don
    To let his arm go or hell get his
    mom, threaten to set a bomb

    Return of the ultimate whos dope as shit
    This coach is sick with the strength of hulk hogans kick
    Push you over cliffs the smoke is thick in graf spots
    Kill mascots wit mad bot and keep rap's hot
    Who. could. flip. like.
    This loonertic that's soon to get expect to lose
    Watch. when. i. strike.
    A threat to you affecting crews get ya shoe's
    Come. and. see. how.
    D. stroy. be. wild.

    Holy cow
    Said by the sports caster cause my thought's blast ya
    Lyric's so hard I cough plaster
    I taught master yoking rebel's smoking devil's
    In this game I go thru level's eating cocoa pebble's
    D-stroy wild like gene simmin's my teams winning
    Got d.j. fiend's spinning in club's I seen them in .....
    Bring rap storms to platform even attack spawn
    His backs torn by phat song's jimmy crack corn
    And I dont care for wack jawns.... we got bomb's
    Stock's bond hot thong's more hit's then dot coms
    Man sit, read the pamphlet's I like my fan's sick
    Moving like transit, bandit's or gambit's hands ,quick
    The terror era got better way's to battle renegade's
    Set a day when they get to play tellem bring they medicade's
    Cause every letter spray's sever slay chevolay's
    Steady blaze do I do drug's nah im already crayz
    Smack in the middle you attacking with little
    Slacking with riddle's wise crack's and the giggle's
    Got ya back in a pickle now sweat happen to trickle
    That's what you get for rapping to pitbull's
    Snacking on kibble's and bit's
    I tackle and rip you to shit
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