Another random ride threw my mind.

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by mr.redeyez, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. mr.redeyez

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Beyond greatness. i spit factual statements
    but the hate is blatant, the god of patience
    i try my hardest not to waste a cartridge
    you better off givin' a cross to a mason
    this society masonic u.o.e.n.o how moronic
    can't say that i'm heartless but i might be demonic
    this evil charges threw veins will i murder for fame?
    So tired of the trenches but it's. survival of the fittest
    my city is like a boot camp god as my witness
    let me flip threw my diary why do violence inspire me?
    the streets is like a maze but my home is a cage home of the brave
    everybody blinded by rage catchin' bodies is a hobby where i stay.
    little girls wanna twerk hit the block put in work suck it sloppy
    for the attention now she labled a flirt or a ho or a thot quick stop
    somebody save us i don't think the lord can hear our prayers
    i'm confused some times i wonder which powers should i use
    all i see, is the devil on the screen should i scream so obscene
    saw a shirt full of crosses and i lost it some up some down
    the people be wearin' it swearin' its the style listen chlid
    not knowing its blasphemous cause they to dumbed down
    who what wow give it two thumbs up i say two thumbs down
    who am i to judge? i'm well aware of my sins i repent and do it again.
    and do it again and do it again, shaking my head
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  2. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004
    Hahaha this is what I was waiting to see on open mic good shit my dude you have improved a lot...stay true

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