"Another Cliche Love Story"

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Definit_, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Definit_

    Definit_ P0ETiiCLiiCHE'

    Jun 17, 2005
    Yeah. It's A Bit Cliche. So Fucking What. Im Venting....




    I Hate You,
    You Played With My Heart, Shaded It Dark
    Admit It, I Was Never Good Enough From The Start
    But I Love You,
    Are You Blind To See My Signs To Talk
    I Find It Hard, You Agreed To Time Apart

    Deny My Heart?
    I Can’t, Our Love Faded To Black
    Stayed In Back, Confused On How You Say We’re A Match?
    ..You See,
    I’ve Been Facing The Facts, Erasing The Past
    And If I Had Another Chance I Won’t Be Taking ‘Us’ Back

    You Make It So Bad
    What Was It You Didn’t See In Me Right?
    What Was The Reason That You Didn’t Even Put Up A Fight?
    I Mean…
    Was It My Suicide Threats With A Knife
    Ultimatums Making You Choose Between Me Or My Life

    It’s the Grief Every Night
    I Would Of Given Up This World For You If I Owned It
    And I Thank Time For All Our Memories That It’s Stolen
    It Seems To Me, You Had Me Right Where You Wanted
    I Was Really Just Your Escape From Life For The Moment

    Hey, But Hold It..
    If I Was Picture Perfect, Why’d You Make Me Ugly?
    Not Even A 2nd Chance? And You Claimed You Loved Me?
    Answer This
    How Many Women Have You Placed Above Me?
    I Gained Back Trust To Love, Now You Take It From Me?

    Claimed Me Hubby?
    How, Stop Avoiding The Truth
    I Took A Glimpse Of The Future And It Wasn’t With You
    ”Am I In This For Me Or Her”, Im Juggling Two
    The Little Things That Turned Me Away, I Struggled To Prove

    All Im Loving Is You,
    Why Did You Once Say That We Truly Belonged?
    And Whats Wrong, Is How Its So Easy For You Move On
    What Did I Do That Pushed You Gone?
    To Make You Leave, It Obviously Aint Take Too Long

    So I Make These Songs,
    With Hopes It Just Might Ease Your Hurts
    Seeing There Is No Other Way To Say That We Won’t Work
    I Mean,
    You Obviously Won’t Believe My Words
    What Makes Things Worst, Is That I’m Your First. Curse

  2. Definit_

    Definit_ P0ETiiCLiiCHE'

    Jun 17, 2005

    Stop Sleepin'
  3. flaco_rivera

    flaco_rivera Nicaragua Brown

    Dec 20, 2005
    damn i coulda sworn i replied to this...love poetry is my fav but i dont post none cuz people here seem to hate love poetry. not as good as your others but hey i know how you feel so i can appreciate the sentimental value.
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