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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Funasty, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. Funasty

    Funasty New Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    The point of this cypher is for the mcee to spit about being transformed into the animal above that was posted by the last cat.

    Ex: Zebra..

    Tired of these safari stares, I'm go insane
    Fuck a mullet during summer, I got a maine/
    Walking for water in 100 plus terrain../
    Legs strained, cuz of them crazy ass lions/
    King of the jungle, felines stop tryin/
    Because I fucked the packs wife/
    Now simba back is covered wit stripes../

    Ex: Alligator..
  2. i Luv Da Cock

    i Luv Da Cock TRU "GINGER" KID

    Jul 11, 2005

    I'm an alligator, attack and lash back at you haters//
    Use my reptilian teeth so vividly seen by the victims I seek//
    I'm simply the peak of amphibious beef that's spittin heat//
    The carnivorous toungue is large, rooted beneath my jaws//
    I pause before spotting prey and treat them like the main course//
    Fuck it I'm vicious, eating all sorts of meat and fishes//
    Dishes out the animal kingom, all for these overgrown lizzids//
    Seen often with a smile, I'm off to the Nile//
    Oh yea..........Don't EVER fucking call me a 'crocodile'!!!!//

    Next: Tarantula
  3. ProjectEnglish

    ProjectEnglish free beer tomorow

    Jun 27, 2005

    im a turantula, poisonous arachnia/
    in fact i, ready n poised to attack ya/
    hairy back, barely black, kinda grey/
    wiry legs, equipt with tiny fangs/
    ready to kill anymothafucka, any size of prey/

    next: baboon
  4. Ixtlan

    Ixtlan emceeingain'tforyou...

    Jul 23, 2000
    ..I show my ass and I lean in the breeze (and uh)..
    ..Be throwing crap while I swing in the trees..
    ..Like Vietnamese soldiers with the greenest fatigues..
    ..Nyani's the name they tell me in Swahili it means (baboon)..

    Next: Anaconda
  5. ChyllTyrant

    ChyllTyrant AmIEternalOrAnEternalist?

    Oct 18, 2003
    i'm the random vagabonder, wit burnin damnin karma
    i'll back shot ya girl, spermin, when my dick turns anaconda
    my snake has deadly venom, can whole up swallow chocha
    break thru any denim pants, til the hoe's cunt's swoll n roasted

    next: flying squirrel
  6. i Luv Da Cock

    i Luv Da Cock TRU "GINGER" KID

    Jul 11, 2005
    Flying squirrel, a gliding gerbil,
    trying to hurdle itself and reach the sky in circles//
    Aereal creature, with rodent-like features,
    sees a predator with frozen-like seizure//
    Arms spread, wings detach, look closer, Skin flaps
    Stay silent, avoid any sort of mishaps//
    From tree to tree, watch it slang
    a flying squirrel=talk about nuts that "hang"//

    Next: Scorpion
  7. ChyllTyrant

    ChyllTyrant AmIEternalOrAnEternalist?

    Oct 18, 2003
    when a scorpion's stinger aims, it's time to get packing
    you'll be fortunate to linger in pain, til they find a vaccine
    last time a hallucination spread across my recuperating head
    of a thin dude wearin dreads, dancin wit manson to an alien musical tango
    rejuvenation's said to be as refutable as pollution would spread
    so the star sign of scorpio, is a hard reminder to move agile when it's tail angles
    your frail leg, or big toe will get ripped yo, from the nastiness
    that's why you'd best step on da little foe, fo' it's tail is whipped n slashes wrists
    they make good talismans, but the catch is that if the poison venom
    is fragily encased within, da neckless could leave you neckless, wit a noiseless endin

    next: wolverine

    CONSCYOUS -aThespis-athes·pi·an-

    Jul 17, 2005
    wolverine _
    im a loner like an x man,
    don't have any qworwal tangling and slicing up the next man,
    i pause an gather my angry emotions,
    prepare to attack sharp and fast,
    prisice as a bee sting or an eagle aerial attack,
    so now like that fish is gon,
    that mere mortal man accross from the wolverine is sliced to pieces all ova side walks and assfalt dead and gon,
    i sliced him into somany pieces even his spirit the soul of his soul is gon.

    next Panther
  9. Prospekshun

    Prospekshun New Member

    Jul 21, 2005
    fangs emerge, along wit fur n courage; no doubtin' i'm a panther/
    humanity flaws gone, as ma claws drawn; taken down prey wit antlers/
    extream wit speed, de-spleen a steed; an crush the vertabrey/
    devowerin' foes, wit-powerin' blows; blood thursty! every heards fo' me/
    a rythmic take down, ma preys screech brakes sounds; once their hooves bent/
    fangs fleshy sick, i'm so quick; malcom couldn't see my "movement"/

    Animal: eagle!!

    CONSCYOUS -aThespis-athes·pi·an-

    Jul 17, 2005

    im the symbole for indipendence, for the indigenous,
    way before the agressively painted on Americans,
    came and stole my image,
    and developed techknowlegy and stole resorces,
    i think it was ben franklin who stole the most important parts of the decleration of Indipendence and the Constitution,
    and then droping bombs on depleted countries,
    with out my permision,
    all the whyle my face and wings forged and slaped on false currency I don't live more then thirty or forty years maybey ,
    but the knowlege,
    it was past down thrue generations,
    and I was there for the last three decades of it,
    its all truth thats it,
    thrue the eyes of a bald eagle,

    animal: Sabortooth tiger
  11. i Luv Da Cock

    i Luv Da Cock TRU "GINGER" KID

    Jul 11, 2005
    A Sabretooth Tiger, with a razor-root desire
    To bite through any kind of enemy in its attire//
    Attackin Mastodons and large hairy mammals
    Teeth shred meat during scary battles//
    Chasin cave men around, brawl with the rival
    Takin them down, in a fight-for-all survival//
    Not quite feline, not quite canine,
    Design built to maime, like my lines when I slay rhymes//
    Two front molars, with a terrible distinct
    It's too bad this legendary predator's extinct//

    Next: Praying Mantis

    CONSCYOUS -aThespis-athes·pi·an-

    Jul 17, 2005
    praying mantis

    u think im sleep right?
    im not perfect ofcorse,
    but u probably think that im just like u and i neva eat right...
    don't u?...
    but like every thing else u believe hyped up about an animal like me,
    your wrong...
    watch your body pieces daug u about to loose your feets...
    i look like im praying for my own safty....
    sukkas but u about to loos your teath...
    u wanna get your clan together,
    all afraid of a one on one...
    ill go undefeated,
    killing nfl teams...
    u white, im black like a dark sun....
    I can take the heat,
    u cant take the heat....
    im gonna finish u off clean one and don...
    prayin mantis is always conscious...
    thats why your gon in this life for good now...
    cause your fatal mistake,
    was under estimating the wack prayer who was spitten for the high stakes.....
    why the hell u think they call the mantis CONSCYOUS....?!

  13. Rhyme__Shrine

    Rhyme__Shrine New Member

    Jul 23, 2005
    African Elephant, the letters of this sacred animal you better start spelling it//
    It's a big ass mammal with two tusks, ready to skew such bucks like you and us//
    From the bushes of Africa, stabbin ya, trunks unwind like DNA from Gattaca//
    Leviathan, mammoth-sized with an appetite of rabid mites//
    Guiness world record, largest land creature of the whole sector//
    Only reservoir is hot savannas, not the cold winters of Canada//
    Makin Rhinos look petite, cousin Indian species with a smaller physique//
    Related to walruses, dewgongs, and cows of the sea//Never forget this creature so fuckin unique//

  14. Funasty

    Funasty New Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    I'm pelican with a plan to do my duty/
    Literally in ya mouth, a vanilla smoothie/
    You amuse me, I got the advantage of air/
    Leave crusty turds hair, sailin the ocean/
    Wings in motion, lookin for scraps/
    Wish I could talk so you can hear how a pelican raps..?

    Next Animal-Koala Bear
  15. i Luv Da Cock

    i Luv Da Cock TRU "GINGER" KID

    Jul 11, 2005
    I'm a Koala Bear, fuzzy ass mammal with a wozzle stare//
    My nozzles flair, eat the leafs of eucalyptus trees as I stay hanging there//
    A cutie with a cuddly bootie, just don't piss me off or I'll take a dookie//
    On ya face and shit, I'm not quite big but not quite a zit//
    Colored gray, I can chill on my tree all fuckin day//
    I'm bored but hey, you out-cute me I doubt that//
    I came from The Land Down Under, the Australian Outback//
    A marsupial, mammal but not quite the usual//
    Peep this little weirdo so highly unusual..................

    Next: Kangaroo
  16. Toucan_Sam1

    Toucan_Sam1 aka 2can Shakur

    Aug 17, 2003
    I'm a Kangaroo, don't make me on jump on you/
    Use my giant legs to step over n*ggaz fly over they heads/
    use my tail for balance, create havoc amongs the planets/
    my malice will scatter and damage brain matter/
    anyway i look like a giant rat, crazy fat, big and black/
    wait a sec, hold on, more like color red/
    or brown, it's goin down the little kangaroo babies be called joeys//
    its gettin snowy, from where i came from, i'm insane son/
    hold on quick, need to flow and stay on top-ic, na mean? all clean/
    lyrically mean.......

    Animal=Spider ³³³³³³
  17. Toucan_Sam1

    Toucan_Sam1 aka 2can Shakur

    Aug 17, 2003
    *Spider Monkey

    ^^dunno why that word is blocked
    fuck is....
  18. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Dawg, muthafuck ya spider ³³³³³³
    I'll react like a pit if you try my money
    In the hood niqqaz climbin'
    Like a spider ³³³³³³...
    In the hood niqqaz shinnin'
    I don't like 'em, homie...
    Attack 'em like a leopard
    Jack 'em for they re-up, pa'
    Ima grimey niqqa when it comes to paper
    Ima feline felon when it comes to nature
    the kid, muthafucka, I hold my own
    Niqqa, fuck a paw, I hold my chrome
    Brooklyn Zoo, them niqqaz hate me
    Sold 'em some fake coke and they paid me
    Dom, the tiger higher than a muthafucka
    Dom ,the dragon spit fire like a muthafucka...
  19. ThePussyMonster

    ThePussyMonster no 1 does it better

    Jun 6, 2004

    like my name was jake long
    gotta transform from the kidd to dragon
    go hard and stay strong
    plus stay ready for war wit some dangerous actions
    swallow these niccaz whole just 2 put em in the belly of the beast
    spittin this flame non-stop till its perelli's on the feet
    i stay fly like the wings on my back
    wit a couple of baby dragons that i fling from the gat
    watch em' soar through the air wit a message that they bring from they dad
    my STYLE is superb so these hoes wanna kick it like KUNG FU (get it)
    DRAGON on a mission to melt nicca wit war in they HEART if they want 2

    next animal: cow
  20. Chico.

    Chico. since '03

    Sep 21, 2005

    n!gga i may be white, but look im also black-
    my milk, i piss on you, on a fuckin stack-
    come see me, i got a big ass dick fo u to lick-
    i love you, come lick it you cow bitch-
    i got this cow language, learn it, moooooooooo-
    wanna jump off, lets do it foooooooooooooo-
    man quit tryin to act like me and be cooooooooo-
    cuz you wouldnt step up if u was black n white tooooo-

    Next: Duck
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