And the Pieces Scatter (nakey/ Philly collab) 2005

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  1. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    2005 piece not that either of us our around much anymore. probably my favorite poem written with me in it. Thanks Philly, he's not around anymore; neither am I so Much. Please enjoy. Re post

    Tyranny is a power posited by and held by divine forces. In this confusion of matter a light guides our way, but is the light… truly guiding us in the right direction, or should we look for the next brightest star. Unabated is this force of tyranny, in wars we fight for, our beliefs, when in actually we are fighting for our uncertainties; our fears… our insecurity. God himself never spoke the truth. Men that have no comprehension of what truth stands for always interpreted it that way.

    Desecrate the evil love
    Where satin sings a holy hymen
    And in gods name we die for deaths sake
    The mirror switches murderers killed
    Bluish inane the blood that spills

    And ice grows on palm trees
    When the sun left the sky for good
    You were taken in by his words
    Captivated, attracted… but held hostage
    Foolish to ever give into this nonsense

    Like waves slamming into shadows
    A book encapsulates all fears
    Sunburned by moonlight, a revelation occurs
    Though their eyes turned away
    I sat there in church… to pray

    for wings of the angel Gabriel,
    condescending facts of interruption,
    and the flaws of human nature
    to fly out side of views of holy strangers,
    whispering in my ear gospeled anger

    lead down paths of golden stairs
    given promises of heaven with sulfured breaths
    by horned beast that reflect us in mirrors,
    and all we have is the scripted word,
    depicted by a modest soul

    Insolence lingered a heart of alcohol
    Bare witness the drunken clatter
    A mindless tooth-ach for thoughts of laughter
    Eyes bleeding from the battles they fought
    I’m alone in a silence gathering what’s lost
  2. Philly_215

    Philly_215 The Silent Poet

    Jan 14, 2005
    Wow I was part of this? Been a long time. Good looking hope all is well with you
  3. King Dex

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    Dec 22, 2013

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