"An Enlightening Game of 20 Questions"

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    "First question first: what’s the meaning of life? "
    For you to keep on asking, until you get it right.
    "Gee, great insight… what on earth does it mean??"
    What it means on earth is the same as in your dreams.
    "Um, elaborate please! Where do I find what I seek?"
    You’ll find it in the hiding place which only you perceive.
    "That’s three questions for you – still no answers for me?"
    Or maybe just not the ones that you think you need?
    "Why answer with more questions?" To show you what they mean.
    "How am I to interpret that??" That’ll be the key.
    "Clearly understanding’s key, yet I’m trapped in ambiguity!"
    The key’s to find yourself; the truth’s to set you free.
    "Can you spell it out for me?" In no language that you read.
    "Just lay it out there please!" It won’t matter ‘til ya see.
    "I know less than when I started." You’ll know more once you cease.
    "How long can I ask the same question?" Until you answer it for me.
    "HERE WE GO AGAIN!!" Here you go again.
    "Why would ‘I’ go here again?" To hear it all again.
    "Well this time, can you say it clear?" That depends on how you hear.
    "You’re confusing with your words!" You confuse them with your ears.
    "This is all one big cycle." I’m glad you’re seeing it show.
    "I think we’re digressing." I think you’re beginning to grow.
    "I think ya don’t know what I think." You think you think all that you know.
    "Your answers breed more questions" Your questions breed both.
    "AND HERE WE GO AGAIN‼" And here you go again.
    "I don’t see where this is going," you don’t see where this has been.
    "I’ve become a better person, and I've never looked back…
    But I looked forward for the answer"…And you never looked back.​
    "How many questions do I have?" Since you ask, you’re down to nine.
    "You even counted that!" One who's given less tends to use it all more wise.
    "Where will this end??" Where you would call the start.
    "I’m getting lost again…" Try following your heart.
    "Just enlighten me, please! All I need’s a little spark!"
    If you want to see the light, you need to start out in the dark.
    "Can’t you just point me to the grail or philosophers stone?"
    I can, and I have, by simply pointing you back home.
    "I don’t see how you’re helping!" That doesn’t mean you won’t.
    "I just REALLY wanna know!" Are you really sure you don’t?
    "Well if you’re the source of truth, why do you keep me guessin?"
    Because it isn’t learned until discerned by the source of the question.
    "I turn to you once more, and get turned away again!"
    You turned to me, and as before, I’m turning you within.
    "So why does he who helps himself even need you in the end?"
    The conclusion can’t be reached until he sees where to begin.
    Before then he’d only seek externally for conquering his doubt.
    The outward helped him inward, now going in will help him out.
    With no thoughts but his own, he will hear what’s never heard.
    You will find the key alone… and then see you never were.
    "So discernment is the truth?" Discernment is the key.
    "And with the key, I’ll see the truth?" You'll perceive the tree.
    "And what's the tree reveal?" Truth... in all you see & do.
    As the creative root branches through all you’ve created too.
    "Why didn’t you just say so?" It’s the cost of being free.
    Those who don’t find it on their own, find it harder to believe.
    "Well, that’s 19! I got more than I could ask in a 20 question game,
    so for my final question: how can I help others seeking get the same?"
    JUST GIVE THEM 20 QUESTIONS! Then listen to them speak!
    How you learned how to learn is how I’d teach you how to teach.
    Because every soul speaks different, their language is unique.
    But each one has a key; customized for them, tailor-made by me.
    If you gave them the key --- then that is NOT what it would be!
    What good is something given that they've got within their reach?
    They’ll care little what you know, until they perceive it on their own;
    They'll ignore how big you are, but they’ll respond to how you've grown.
    For folks so focused on the finish they start straying off the road,
    Share with them where ya been, so it may show them where to go.
    For while there are many different paths, there is only one summit.
    The key to life is love…
    …but that’s not what it’d be if I took the choice from it.

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