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Discussion in 'The R&B Haven' started by Woe D, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Sep 24, 2002
    What y'all think about this album? On her first album, it was love at first listen for every track. This album wasn't like that for me. I had to let the songs grow onto me.

    I instantly fell in love with "Falling" just from the snippet on the album teaser. Great song.

    "All I Need" is a nice track, I think she should have put the remix with J-Hood on the album, Hood spit a nice homicide-free verse for a change, I was lookin for him to slick add a line about "I'll kill a ~~~~~ for you" or something like that but he didn't murk anybody on the whole track.

    When I listen to "Touch" I pretend A is singing to me. Makes it easier to like the song...

    "Not the Only One" is a cool little track too. The beat reminds me of something that would've been on a Kelis album...

    "Talkin Bout" is hypnotizingly catchy to me...

    "Just Like Me" is a super dope cut, probably my second favorite of the whole album...

    The "Why Don't We Fall in Love" remix is hot as hell. I like the way the beat comes on like the original and then flips real quick...

    Overall, nice album...
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