Alias - RND 1: 13. Narkel VS. 14. Nick Icon

Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by Bonnie Bathory, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    2007 Summer Alias Tourney

    ..Due dates..
    Verses are due Monday 11:59 PM EASTERN
    Voting ends Tuesday 11:59 PM EASTERN

    ..Line Limit..
    Min = 10 lines
    Max = 30 lines
    the max can be higher if it is agreed upon by both.
    if not then going over 30 is a DQ.
    but min is 10 regardless of what both agree on.
    anything less than ten is a no show and will get you a L
    even if your opponent no showed. so read this!

    You cannot vote on battles if you are participating in the tourney
    until you have been eliminated. Voting will be done by outside
    voters and our judges panel:

    Bonnie Bathory
    Halloween Jack
    Rey Masculino
    Mike Sullivan

    ..Outside Votes..
    A outside voter = someone who is not in the tournament or does not
    Have a battle during the week that he/she is voting.
    Outside voters must have 250 posts and MUST vote on 3 battles
    If a person outside of the tourney doesn’t vote on 3 battles
    Then his or her vote will not count. No if, ands or buts.

    ..General Rules..
    1st person cant edit after 2nd person posts
    2nd person cant edit after a vote has been made
    No feeding... feed a line = minus 2 votes
    No Using a pic without opponents permission.
    using opponents pic without permission = DQ
    this same rule applies to videos.
    (this includes pics of family members, smilie, friends ect.)
    No freeposting, swaying or bitching
    Competitors should agree on a line limit in their check in.
    If no line limit is agreed on,
    then the 2nd person can post less but not more.
    only exception is if the 1st person posts less than 10 lines
    then the 2nd can post more. cause the min amount of lines
    in this tourney is 10. anything less than that will not be
    considered a verse and will be looked at as a no show.
    if both post less than 10 then both will lose and it
    will be considered a double no show.
  2. Worst Nightmare

    Worst Nightmare The illest in my Era

    Nov 26, 1999
    guess im back in the saddle...aint wrote in
    six years... this heres...
    exactly how to attack in a battle...
    i took a back seat...but that only work in a taxi..
    now im in the cock pit... wit toxic...
    venemous baratone...
    and this a boy...
    ..but he aint talkin bout ciara song...
    you niccas barry bonds...
    heads getting bigger...
    you playin' poker in the mourge...
    leave you dead in the river...
    i pledge to get iller...
    wit my right over my heart...
    nicks lines couldnt get bit...if he write holdin shark...
    im holding the cards..and you want the ace
    in the hole...(faggot!)
    and you unraveling faster than gia lashay...
    in her clothes...
    im breakin the to clever for whoeva...
    kel will..take nicks head...and wear it as a
    new era...
    I WATCHED DRUMLINE... and made the name NIck Icon..."
    thats a ps2 ya moms tapped the circle...
    told her BOW CHICKA'............ WOW!... like an AXE commercial...
    i really lack rehersal...i keyed it... like Martins truck.
    you know you cant see me... like a martians nuts...
    im like pardon but... u like partin butts...
    kid i'll ruffle ya feathers... like fartin ducks..
    the cartons im british...
    time to smoke this fag...
    I see all ya lines stretched... like its yoga class...
    i see broken glass...
    pierced skin...removin' knees...
    i see a heart...
    where my icebox used to be...
    you see darts...
    where your eye socks' used to be...
    im like truancy.. u aint schoolin' me...
    i'll wear your lower intestines like it was jewelry...
    i got the hands of a beast...You....
    hands of a priest...
    can't take your date to the zoo...
    thats bringing sand to the beach...
  3. Worst Nightmare

    Worst Nightmare The illest in my Era

    Nov 26, 1999
  4. Revanon

    Revanon Comeback of the Year.

    Nov 25, 1999
    damn. Murder.
  5. Wird of Pley

    Wird of Pley I Slice My Own Ham

    Jul 20, 2000
    lol dead in the river line was sick

    Iono why I'm here right now.
  6. leprien27

    leprien27 X'ist in Circum_Reference

    Mar 12, 2006
    I don't read posts on onslaught that often.. I guess I dont know what I'm missin

    I realy liked this realy man keep it comin... I think of so much else inbetween
    those lines that its hard to regain conciouseness...

    I originaly thought this was a battle. PEACE
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