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  1. Leesherz_89

    Leesherz_89 New Member

    Aug 11, 2003
    Here's another geeky little poem... :)

    Sometimes I wonder,
    "Where would I be without you?"
    My socks on my fingers,
    My hands in my shoes.
    Just a little crazy,
    I'd agree.
    That's what would happen,
    If you weren't beside me.
    When we first met,
    I didn't think much,
    Maybe we'll be friends,
    Maybe we'll lose touch.
    But, we kept with it,
    And our friendship grew,
    Into a pact,
    That is solid and true.
    I will never leave you,
    As long as you agree,
    To stand right beside,
    And never leave me..
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