Advance with rhymes experience romance sometime stuff Promote knowledge went and spoke at college ha

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Advance with rhymes experience romance sometime stuff
    Promote knowledge went and spoke at college had enough
    Words to bore, cats wouldn’t listen to hardcore stats, raised
    Controversy even amazed the nursery babies cry for glazed
    Dough-nuts and milk, today sunny had to pay money for lunch
    Feeling superior dealing with this cafeteria I really had no hunch
    That I was gonna meet a chick started to eat quick had a bunch
    Of steak to munch on my plate, attack beef with teeth drink coffee
    So I can think softly how to make progress see a girl lips are glossy
    With lip gloss bet her hips are soft and she probably strut butt, bossy
    Attitude when in bed and this saucy food going to my head, no costly
    Mistake I want a kiss and some cake can reminisce on a date awfully
    Want this dame major wanna gain favor can’t blame my behavior
    For whats about to take place jest want some cake and lace pager
    Peeps one of my peeps gonna have to keep on hold this a Deja-
    Vu and like ERICA BARDOO she’s a BAG LADY her lips
    Red and sweet I grabbed the bread and meat my head jest flipped
    Around like the EXORCIST prepare to make a sandwich trip
    And take advantage with script and using love talk jest skip
    Along while holding a flip phone willing to take a risk to get
    Cake and a kiss

    “Look boo my adverse fate make me thirst for cake so I turn
    To you concerned boo have to learn to hide my emotion heartburn
    Could be devastating and your body is educating me to sex girl
    As a cutie with booty to uplift my duty when you walk you hurl
    Butt for a fact I regard your backyard when it bounce love every
    Ounce, you boss and fly like birds I can’t falsify my words I’m very
    Impressed at your dairy breast wanna true kiss it do exist can’t bury
    The hatchet, because your pies are phat and I’m surprise at how you
    Try duck this could have good luck with a kiss, pleasure so kind boo
    Your treasure is mine to keep, my legal fate is to be equal in weight
    People want cake like I do so never good bye boo, baby girl’s a freight
    Train but a cake dame so I take aim for the bed so my game elevate
    Sweaty from friction it’s a steady condition balance the shoes on my
    Feet like BB King the blues are sweet but have no clues as to why
    I love you, I’m seeing you as being true and I’m fleeing to rescue
    Your breasts and stew plus your dress is blue and you blessed too
    Oh yes I do want some, yum! Yum! Coo coo for coco puff going loco
    Over your stuff girl, so accept the truth need help with your roof
    Sweaty and ready to install shingles have a ball as we mingle tooth
    Gleams it’s gold are you thrilled over my grill? Your butter expedient
    Along with another ingredient mixed together can fix whatever immediate
    Results are shown can’t duck the unknown let me call you up on the phone
    Give me your number we ride to the crib in my hummer better known as home
    Have the right to enter my bedroom all night winner jest to sniff perfume
    My mental mind is essential online residential I find it very hard to assume
    That I’m gonna get some tonight it’ll be done right boo warn against rising
    Emotions bringins surprising oceans of wetness in the bed but realizing
    We both could be in love so come wanna a very good hug to bed with love
    Your treasure is mine to keep heart measure so deep so be aware
    Of this greeting, there’s a meeting to be held in my bedroom to share
    Kisses somehow you’re a winner I will allow to enter we chow down
    On dinner got a brisk plate of fish steak trout so check it out we bound
    For the bed, let me squeeze you receive you love as true wanna crown
    You queen wanna go down town to the cream I can only daydream
    Have the advantage wanna grab that sandwich kiss play extreme
    An affair with romance could be a square dance the love in the air
    Enhance my fair chance of getting some so really nothing compare
    To your body boo the booty and beauty stems drastic got body work
    Like gymnastics pudding and cream built like a wooden beam, skirt
    Tight we can work all night, love feels bold and wheels control my LEX
    But use scroll and text to write love letters because it’s better to be complex
    Forced to be silly but a source of stability keeps my head straight your lips
    Are red cake that be fed and ate by boy toys, your cake magnificent your hips
    Can make up the difference your milk shake in silk is great, deal
    With pies that are phat real surprised at our cake date being revealed
    You a female wild din a detail trial I’ll never fail to dial your number
    Body soars in hummers when boys rub your thighs try plant a cucumber
    Plans a trip for real my transcript revealed that love has words for eyes
    And that disturb some guys but girls serve them pies and the blue skies
    Light up in the bedroom, my raps smoking make your gown snap open
    Perhaps hoping for some, boo you know how we do we call it the choking
    Kind, breasts be poking all the time, figure and shape your body is dope
    My mind take trips to the Cape of Good Hope was sleep now awoke
    Emotions galore you body wet like the ocean floor boo lotins are poured
    On your legs so sweaty and brown I’m ready for down town and scored
    Like FREDDY BROWN on Seattle and be saddled to ride a pony adored
    By GENUWINE, you a female that flirt booty do detail work and that never
    Fails to alert me when you strut butt, dim chance them pants will sever
    so look boo you all free to call me and like a small tree
    my emotions lean in the wind cream to no end it’s a tall plea
    for sex to nurture my pride and pull me from virtue’s side
    I’m a mellow fellow in the league of HIP HOP my mind collide
    With MC’S and trip a lot feet at ease when I wear flip flops
    Don’t have to worry about toe jam messing up my program, stops
    Athlete’s feet like Tough Actin Tenactin, girl your perfume is hot
    Like moon shots it calm men and like John Glen they wanna walk in
    Space then go to the club and talk up on some lace wow no squawking
    Around, rap trash in clubs go down town cause a flash flood when
    My tongue clash with love will splash mud if it rains to no end
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    Oct 4, 2005

    Oh I know I’m fine and nice but not a time in life that I need a boyfriend
    You want cake quick and like a sunbaked brick you hard and in the wind
    Like legal eagles feeble looking for prey, when love talk is involved it’s
    Job for a girl to keep her panties on, but I manage no damage to my legit
    Oreo cookie, with the cream in between my theme is to stay alert boys
    Will play under skirts but wonder why I flirt a lot and in the club I toys
    With the twerk and be hot to trot? Well I don’t know probably a new
    Trend so men be off into this, want me to raise my panties up right boo?
    Wave them around in the air while having a renown affair but don’t
    Mess up my hair jest because I’m a stony female with a pony tail won’t
    Kneel to your sex appeal going to bed is a complex deal, feel me? In
    The club see the DJ as he play songs the roof is on fire but wow lets begin
    With truth I desire, feet sweaty I’m sweet and ready and like TEDDY
    RILEY I walk down BLACKSTREET and get the exact beat be steady
    For a booty call at three o'clock in the morning without warning knock
    On your door wake up stop the snore and let me in like OTIS REDDING
    There could be a wedding in the FUTURE like NICKI MANAQ heading
    To bed yell I WANNA BE WITH YOU BOO so this could be all good
    I could be bitter sweet so consider and treat me good any boy would
    Just to try a get a little feel wet and brittle you’ll get to fiddle you should
    Anoint my uniqueness and bring it to the point of sweetness no tricky
    Words in love talk arouse bold want me in your household a little Mickey
    Mouse told me that, you admire a girl because she can put fire in your world
    Now you desire to hurl bed dust because your head lust for sex my candy curls
    Twisted into a pony tail leave no phony trail or horse tracks my voice attacks
    When I scream and cream in the bedroom and the CD spread a tune that attracts
    My ear drum I hear none of what a boy be saying while laying in the bed and be
    Like the ISLEY BROTHERS it’s spicy butter, cream be deep IN BETWEEN THE
    SHEETS really can’t see in a dark room this jest part of what’s soon to happen
    In a flavor sense sexual behavior can convince a girl and fence her world trapping
    Her in a bedroom of thought, caught between lace and a wet place jest really tapping
    Out like wrestling matches, try kneel I feel we’re lost and in love toss up a bud
    And sip a beer your words grip my ear like Q-tips, and the new script in a tub
    Of words down a troubled path I think you wanna take a bubble bath and rub
    My back, we don’t know where we are who cares about a car wow its on dubs
    Anyway, oh I’m so wet today but lets say you wanna knock the boots and stay
    In hot pursuit for sex because of the recipe of the breast you see I have to runaway
    To keep my thing intact your bling could act as a shiny magnet dew rag wet
    From head sweat misled and yet ready to get some for real you need an outlet
    you come with class and wine wanna pass time thinking I’m the fast
    kind, wanna get some quick but I’m not a dumb chick you better ask
    somebody, lotion keep my thighs correct deep pies in check and freak
    lies reflect on affairs, could guide and direct folks to a unique
    divorce I see the force like Luke Skywalker always dispute a fly
    talker and duck the bed after struck in the head with love talk I try
    escape, mind reversed and sprung wanna be first among players to
    hit this, git a kiss pleasure in the club is to find treasure in love it’s true
    can’t measure a hug with one kiss it’s fun to reminisce with the thought
    caught up in phonics and Ebonics so ironic how junk flies you brought
    love talk and tries pump my pies got spunk in my eyes but can’t let you
    jump between my thighs be a lot of screams and cries but no new
    meltdown with taste and a belt around my waist love stats but hate rug rats
    love talk show domination body low in concentration but my sex juice
    still produce energy, nurture my pride from the virtue side busting loose
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    Oct 4, 2005
    a mistake
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