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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by lil james, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. lil james

    lil james south side representin'

    Jan 8, 2008
    let me bring you to tha south, sit high or ride low
    twenty fo's or hydros, at tha light with eyes closed
    in tha truck with eyes blowed, go fast then drive slow
    lean back with fried smoke, relax and cline bro
    sippin on a muddy sprite, dont worry im fine yo
    lookin like are asses sleepin, purple on my mind soo
    i always got a pint, or a duece with a sprite hoe
    then i mix tha shit right tho, this shit is tight hoe
    im never outta sight flows, come outta me like price quotes
    who me?,im tha man, im always walkin on a tight rope
  2. cypher's go in the cypher forum.. moving... sorry..
  3. TreyMatic

    TreyMatic New Member

    Nov 3, 2008
    a picture wit right scopes division my life quotes
    a cardiac arrest ull leave the best wit they life ghost'd
    im deranged insane i leave they brains enslaved
    check the plains for graves i feel the pain in grains
    but im like a suicide bomba
    hiroshima pilot searchin for that green karma
    one of the king's men fightin with elite armor
    spittin the best ganja feelin like a weed farmer
    now whos harder none of these fake niggas
    wit triggers that leave em disfigured like playin twister
    im much sicker tell them niggas ta step up
    a problem ment for condoms im turnin brains ta ketchup
  4. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    A brainiac struggles I trap no wonder I rap
    you can get it mussle or bat the stacks I lap
    only time I mention the Clap from shotz by gats
    fuck whores need money nothing hold'n me back
    I'lll get it like a crook jump'n a fence
    you can get it how you look scratch'n a itch
    got stylish ways its foul how i'm liv'n
    take heed i'm howl'n what i'm giv'n
    drink'n what i'm sip'n pound'n when i'm hit'n
    got chicks lick'n when dip'n pimp'n what i'm dig'n
    nyggaz wanna hate and call that i'm reach'n
    mind a pot of gold I just say that i'm fish'n
    i'm selfish wit the tongue so don't get it twisted
    god forbid I die spit'n this sickness
  5. lil james

    lil james south side representin'

    Jan 8, 2008
    ay nice drop homie!

    for real
  6. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Kickin' flames on the net, soccer fans sayin', WHAT A SICK FINISH
    Load the clip in n aim, blow ya head off in such a quick minute
    Im out drunk n high off coke till dawn waitin' on God to spare me
    His light shall guide my way, either way if its hard won't scare me
    Switch topics, flip.. bricks -objects, rip... shit - nonsense
    I'm Norte del Valle Cartel capo status, launch a quick offence
    So hold it, strip out ya clothes don't move, don't blow it
    You posted up posin'.. tryina turn wack shit into gems on me
    Ya sweet 16's don't belong in here, niqqa - they belong on MTV...
  7. wreck-a-damus

    wreck-a-damus New Member

    Apr 15, 2009
    keep it tight when i'm fliping some
    my script heavenly fresh like i'm religious
    You're spitting duds i'm spitting slugs
    i speak that silent shit that's within us
    hoping ingenuity choke on it
    if my shit ain't dope i'll sprinkle some coke on it
    keep the schedules concealed while you reserve a role for me
    I'm O-n-e on top like zenith doing shit monotony
    fucking grammar i'm deep like my buried granma
    i'm a rhymere from breeds of lyrical osama
    this is gamma alpha taking over
    your cypher like end days revival
  8. GrimBlaze

    GrimBlaze New Member

    Apr 25, 2009
    ok new here so just a little drop to add to this

    Sick flow - spittin frozen darts at your mainframe/
    maintain - every second gained in the pain game/
    lane change, strange sayins, masterclass of weaponry/
    decapitate with sickle cells - aftermath is secondary/
    i walk a path of effigies - burnin in the twilight/
    my life, is somethin i look back upon in hindsight/
    five mics - gettin sourced - never been my motive/
    notice, i dont give a fuck if you can flow this/
    wrote this - my own script - with barbed wire melodies/
    pistols pushin bullets in the hearts of my enemies/
    dance with the devil seed - metropolis of darkness/
    toppled like saddam did - apocalypse of martyrs/
    crooked n im heartless - a wolf who feed on carcass/
    bastard of my father who turn n bite his masters/
    artists - try to capture raptures in the process/
    progress is when put a fracture to your whole chest........
  9. dreddme

    dreddme New Member

    May 15, 2002
    progress is when put a fracture to your whole chest........

    cuz im mos def, without talib, the nicest/ my black thought might just cause me to write this/ to spite kids and snuff ya light off like light switch/ or wind gust when ya try to spark ya lighta's/ watch as i embark with the rightious/ walk the path of righ just to darken the mind, look and u will find me laughing at my last jest.. its priceless.
  10. wreck-a-damus

    wreck-a-damus New Member

    Apr 15, 2009
    Back with the qwerty hurting kids at puberty's gate
    hommie i just went for the test and Dre said i got the aids
    the sickness with calm meekness the bomb witness still living
    i reap demons on my knees scripture reading i keep heating
    schemes concealed in mind you won't see it like your back of your skull
    so act right begfore reverse the hum on ya and it back up on yall
    ripping it raw killing you dog dealing with whore like pimps in the bar
    flipping quranic letter-pages but still the modern day jesus
  11. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    aint say'n as much, what i whip inside pots
    so you could catch the red
    being the odd ball amongst dots
    aint play'n for badges of skillz
    keep that thang conceal
    just know Its a license to kill
    since raised prices, i'm clean'n my bills
    been stay'n fresh, so they notice i'm ill
    could get got no matter the field
    so I only web to network and build
    most these cats lacking the real
    artistes who pretend to relate and feel
    in return to teach yall to hate and kneel
    can't ignore my hunger, how i'm need'n that deal
    to change up this paradox of hiphop
    you hot but ya flip flop
    scream'n ya trap, so how ya don't zip lock
    from burnt tips of sandwich bags, i'm pull'n out knots
    my flow ya can't stop, my hustle ya can't knock
    more hate i get for hoes and money
    the more bottles i pop
    how i'm swimming in twat

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