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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by LDogg The King, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    mountain meddows lurked, with flower pedal perks that were found in dirt
    around the grounds of where i worked, thats where i found it often hurt
    the peaceful breeze decieved; was cause for the brittle knees.
    looked at my feet,
    watched them walk up and down like a pencil tip outlining crooked teeth
    the crook in me must'a found a book to read,
    cuz it took the key
    to my soul while it stared and looked at me
    influencing my attitude to see, if i would lose the need to find gratuity
    in the search for truth and need of wanting oppratunities.
    12 rounds with conscious convinced me this sin was allowed
    eight out of ten men would do it, even a kid in the croud
    but moral obligation held them back, which made the differnce
    i pushed through the pack an gave a shit when i slayed my mistress
    after that, the lay was differnt.. couldnt sleep by my wife
    every night a dream would show me how i ruined her life
    how i lied to her face... all in front of the kids
    wishing she knew i only wanted to experiance love again
    so what if i fucked her friend, she kept private an casual
    right by the bed of toys that went into her asshole

    x - caliburs nuts were here!
  2. kuine

    kuine if u want it u can get it

    May 17, 2005
    why dont you put this in the might get more response......
  3. Listen2

    Listen2 New Member

    Nov 16, 2003
    hope i can do some justice

    time passes so slowly now, im all alone no one to hold me down//
    the truth she found, the lies crept to the surface they wouldnt drown//
    confused lust with love now im left wit nothin much//
    a crush fucked us up an eternal hurt from my head ta gut//
    cant get rid of why cant i get rid of it theres no time//
    seein your blood cry is the real crime//
  4. bwizzle8

    bwizzle8 BULL

    Aug 20, 2005
    Seeing your blood cry is the real crime//

    And I already gone and committed too many
    15 years and surprised I aint boxed in the cemetery
    When I pass through there are so many names I’ve known
    Life as a gangster gets you toes up and etched in stone
    On my waist like a belt when I’m strapping chrome
    One mistake you don’t catch a break, you catch two in the dome
    So many friends died, wondering what if it was me.
    Would people cry would people even remember me
    When I gone I’ll big up with Biggie and Pac
    In thugz mansion cuz when we die that’s all that we got
    And even though I aint the hardest we still get along
    Talking about what we did and writing new songs
    We got an album waiting for you when you get here
    New swagger and flow, and with your life, see you by next year
  5. b'

    b' New Member

    May 16, 2001
    New swagger and flow, and with your life, see you by next year

    so whose the top queer? i dont know but if i see 'em i'm put two in both ears
    with shear might despite the facts half these kats on this forum have reached levels lower than wack
    so step back reflect, and think are you in the top ten or under ten feet?
    next time we meet i expect some change, wether it be ya style or name.
  6. 2Shay

    2Shay Englands Finest

    Jul 20, 2005
    next time we meet i expect some change, wether it be ya style or name.

    coz both 1 and the same fade out 1 day,
    far from grace the candle fades to a 1 way,
    up to the pearly gates of gods grace the final steps we take,
    tho the views great the purpose of life is fake,
    this journey on board things we take hail no comparison,
    when we gone we heroes while we alive we embarasments,
    so we live n use our bodys with every last drop of energy we got,
    n hope to fade...leavin a legacy like 'Pac...
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