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Discussion in 'Audio Producers Discussions' started by Brownstar, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Brownstar

    Brownstar Davadrian

    Sep 21, 2005
    Alright, the last few months i've been switching between Acid 5 and Sonar 4 constantly, can't decide which one I really want to use more. I wanna know what you guys think... To keep it short, basically this is my dilemma:

    Acid 5 - Love the simplicity. I make most my beats with this. However, I have a JV-1010 that has been collecting dust lately, and I really wanna get my money's worth (even though my vsti's sound somewhat better). I pretty much wanna know if there's a patch selector as good as Sonar's for this? some plug in or somethin.. i dunno.. I hate going back to a beat months later and forgetting which patches i been using for it (cauz I just record the audio).

    Sonar 4 - I've been messing with Sonar since v2. Can mix easily on this, and the MIDI programming is pretty tight and extensive. However, doing drums I use Battery 2, and it's not as fast as me messing with ACID. Plus, I tend to not layer as much or put as much effort. If I compare my ACID made beats to my Sonar ones, the Acid ones are so much better.

    I have no gripes with Sonar whatsoever, but I enjoy using Acid a lot more (I'm relatively new to it though). The only reason I tend to go back to Sonar is the midi editing and mixing; but more specifically, the patch selection. Any of you use Acid 5 with a sound module? How do you guys get around workin with it? Yes, i know Sonar has ReWire, but I'm trying to leave that as a last resort. Yes, i know how to select patches on my sound module. Just would like to know any alternatives...

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