"A Star is Reborn: Why You Need T.O. in Your Life"

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    A Star is Reborn
    Written By Robert Littal


    “Hate it or love it the underdogs on top/ Am I going to shine homie until my heart stop / Go
    ahead envy me / I’m raps MVP / And I ain’t going nowhere so you can get to know me”

    The Game feat: 50 Cent “Hate it or Love it”

    Hate him or love him, T.O. is back and you care. You don’t want to admit it, but you care.
    A lot of people assume hate is the opposite of love, which isn’t the case. Indifference is the
    opposite of love. You have to care to hate and from the looks of it, people care about T.O. a
    whole lot. T.O. had to go to Dallas because this is where the legend began. Before the “Star”
    incident, T.O. was just known as Terrell Owens the mercurial WR of the San Francisco 49ers.
    After, he was T.O. the selfish, all about me, troublemaking, diva receiver. They say life goes in
    a circle; well Owens has now gone 360 degrees.

    This is it for Owens, this is his last opportunity to prove people like me correct in saying that
    he is not as bad a person as people make him out to be. I think Owens is misunderstood. I think
    the media has made him into this monster that he really isn’t. This the same media that tells
    you Ron Artest is crazy; Allen Iverson is a thug and Barry Bonds single-handily brought steroids
    into baseball. Owens has to be held accountable for his actions. At times he has been a
    troublemaker and in some instances he would have been better served to keep his mouth
    closed. On the flip side Owens has never beat his wife, been caught drunk driving, been
    accused of rape or been accused of putting on the cream and the clear. Free speech seems to
    apply to everyone except Owens. People fail to realize most of what he says is true. From Jeff
    Garcia to Ray Lewis to the Eagles Management to Donovan McNabb, if you listen to all of
    Owens’s rants you will find a lot of truth in them. Owens biggest problem is speaking to the
    media about things that should be kept internal. In sports, image is everything and to have the
    right image you have to be the biggest liars to the media. You think Michael Jordan or Peyton
    Manning are as perfect as they appear to be? You probably do because you have been
    brainwashed, but if you live in the real world you understand there are a lot more people like the
    real Terrell Owens than the fake Peyton Manning. While Owens will never be able to be as fake
    as Manning, he absolutely has to learn what I like to call:

    “The Kobe Commandments”

    1st Kobe Commandment

    Thou shall take out my anger on those who hate on me, on the field of play by destroying
    everyone in my path.

    This shouldn’t be too hard for Owens, because he always played with a chip on his
    shoulder especially against those who he thinks have done him wrong (are you listening Eagles

    2nd Kobe Commandment

    Thou shall come to an understand that no matter what I say or do the media and
    brainwashed fans will hate me, so no need to kiss up to them anymore.

    Owens will never have the media on his side, so he needs to stop trying to explain himself
    to them thinking they will understand. As far as the fans, most fans are so stupid that they will
    boo before the play and cheer if he makes a TD after, so no need to pay any attention to how
    they feel. Performance on the field is all that matters

    3rd Kobe Commandment (also known as the Rasheed Wallace rule)

    Thou shall bite my lip really hard and utter cliché phrases like “Both Teams Played Hard”,
    “No Comment” and “You Need To Talk To Coach About That”, when the media tries to bait me
    into a controversial statement, but with the look in my eyes I will tell them what they want to

    For a perfect example of how this works, watch Kobe Bryant’s interview with Stephen A.
    Smith on “Quite Frankly”. Every time Stephen A. brought up something controversial
    (especially the Colorado incident) Kobe bit that lip and spit out those clichés, but his face told
    the true story. This is going to be difficult for Owens, who has a serious problem of speaking
    before he thinks, but as stated before he does not have any room for error if he wants to
    continue to cash those checks, which brings me to my next point.

    Every media outlet in America and probably in the world has made fun of agent Drew
    Rosenhaus. His famous “Next Question” sound bite is played at least once a day somewhere.
    He has been called a shark, a snake, a slug and words I don’t feel comfortable writing in this
    column. Even the NFL themselves took a shot at Rosenhaus in a nationally televised
    commercial. A Philadelphia beat writer posed the question to Rosenhaus what has he done for
    Owens besides getting him suspended. Everyone had a good laugh at Rosenhaus’s expense,
    but in the end Drew got the last laugh. Only ignorant people actually thought that teams would
    not deal with Rosenhaus because of his affiliation with Owens. Ignorant in the fact that you
    cannot find one GM in the league who has ever said that they had a problem dealing with
    Rosenhaus. To the contrary most GMs enjoy negotiations with Rosenhaus because he does
    not B.S. or play games. He just wants to get the best deal for his client. Don’t let the act that he
    plays on TV fool you, this is a man who wants to get business done and genuinely cares about
    his clients. The NFL is a business and in the NFL world all that matters is getting the deal
    done. If the Eagles hated Rosenhaus so much, why did they just sign his client Jabar
    Gaffney? If Drew is such a bad agent, why will Edgerrin James end up making more money
    than Shaun Alexander? There were people who stated their reputation that Owens would not
    get more than the 7 million dollars that he was suppose to get with the Eagles this year. Today
    many reputations have been stained because Owens’s contract guarantees him 10 million this
    year, with an opportunity to make 15 million in the last two years of the deal. Drew’s work is
    done; it is all on Owens now. Considering the circumstances and the client, Rosenhaus did his
    best work and in the end it will enhance his reputation as an agent who cares about clients and
    gets the best deal done. I don’t think we will see any more NFL commercials about Rosenhaus
    this year.

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    She probably licks his bunghole.
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