A poem to Ashton.........

Discussion in 'Writer's Block' started by unhearduv, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. unhearduv

    unhearduv "ArT iN iTs TrUeSt FoRm"

    Dec 27, 2002
    Stop actin so stupid
    cuz you pushin me away
    I know you immature and yo ass loves to play
    but right now
    you really on some evil shit
    puttin on big fronts
    and and expectin me not to trip
    see, i dont like to call you bitch
    but sometimes
    thats the only word you actually comprehend
    that comes out my lips
    and thats really sad
    cuz you make me take it there
    cuz ya attitude twards me and you is i dont care
    its bad enough life aint fair
    so damn
    i thought i was ya man
    you know
    ya soon to be beautiful baby boy's dad
    and ya family plan
    that is the plan god has
    for us
    but instead you actin like the rest of them
    and that makes me mad and sad
    but thats not all that will come from your silly antics
    trust me
    youll be hurtin in the long run
    cuz this is how you was actin before
    right after that stupid shit you did
    to make you rumored as a whore
    and its crazy cuz i dont even give a fuk about that
    but when this is how you act
    those memories come back.

    i love you Ashton, so it hurts when you front on me like that.

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